What makes you happy?

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What’s your favorite step to happiness?

I really like them all but I think fear less try more is my fav💚

I really think the greatest way to work past fear is proactivity🌈

When you keep on action steps I do believe fest can totally dissolve resulting in tons of happiness😻

I’m far from a zen master on this as I still have many fears and some I would honestly say I’m not taking action on.

The positive is I’m aware of these fears(false experiences appearing real) and when I’m ready go and being proactive to realize they don’t really exist.

I love you all💚


Watch less, do more!

Right now, #4 is where I am at.... #5 I aspire to....

I really can't say which step is my favourite. I aspire to put all the 10 steps to good use in my life. All 10 steps are very important to happiness, and our being happy. Thank you for sharing. :-)