Dr José Gregorio Hernández and his Reliquary

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Hi friends! I just made this special drawing, I have been absent because I am having Chemo, and as I feel less pain thank God I first drew Dr. José Gregorio Hernández to thank him.

I made a cute cartoon of the Doctor with his reliquary.

The reliquary contains a microscope, his hat, a halo of holiness and the denarius.

La Reliquia.jpg
José Gregorio Hernández Cisneros, was a Venezuelan physician, scientist, professor, philanthropist, Catholic vocation, and Secular Franciscan, declared blessed by the Catholic Church. He has been venerated by Spanish-speakers around the world. His canonization is underway.

Hope you liked the drawing!
This is my GoFundMe if you can help me share or donate Thanks, God bless.


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