Working in the office today. I don't like it

in #blog6 months ago

My boss called a meeting in the office today as part of the drive to get us back in the office at least twice a month before the 60% office attendance target comes into force next year.

I'm in with the rest of my team so it's not as bad as it could have been although I have had to avoid a few people who I have no wish to speak to.

One advantage of being in the office is that I have access to colour laser printers so I have taken the opportunity to do a bit of printing of stuff I have been saving up.

I've not nothing particularly interesting to write but I want to keep up my blogging as long as possible and I think if I do get into a habbit I should find it easier to keep it going.

It's 3pm now and I'm about to head back home to the family which will be nice. My collegue came down from Fylde so we're meeting up later on the Barbican for some food so hopefully the weather holds up. Currently it's 12 degrees C and dry.

There's a guy speaking to a collegue near me that I don't like much. He's one of those people who licks management asshole so I think this really is the best time to leave the office.

It's a bit of a crap blog entry but they'll get better....
honestly ;-)