My Cute Little Pet: Tiger

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Here is my little update for my lovely annoying spoiled brat pet called Tiger. It has been long long time since I last wrote a post about Tiger. We have adopted him for almost 5 years now, Tiger has grown so much and so fat as well. Tiger have grown into an adult cat and recently have been very vocal in expressing his view.

During this pandemic, we have been staying home all the time and my pets slowly surely started to get used to us occupying the space. As you know, cat love their own space and I noticed that my pets moving from one spot to another spot to look for a new favourite and comfortable spot to be alone.

Tiger 1.JPG

When I take this photo, Tiger was looking at my phone camera and I got to captured this look. I love the way how he look in this photo. Early of this year, Tiger was hospitalise due to bladder problem. Aww he doesn't like to stay at the pet hospital at all. Every single day we visited him and he would be screaming and screaming wanting to go home. So sad but necessary for his recovery.

Once we got him home, he feel safe again and much calmer.

Tiger 2.JPG

Here is another one of his sleeping spot where he use that steel as a pillow and I found it cute. Look at his face, enjoying his afternoon nap after running and chasing Alan around the house.

Tiger 3.JPG

Awwww, in this photo you can see Tiger is very fat and this is one of his favourite sleeping spot. I got no idea why he enjoy sleeping with his head like that. Well I guess as long as he enjoy it and have a good time then it's all good.

Tiger 5.JPG

Look at Tiger, enjoying his new little corner at the bed side. That all for the update for Tiger this time and will do a bit more update in future.

Cheer, hope everyone have a good Sunday!