My fascination with OLC

in #bloglast year

You might have played around with and seen my messages to random people around the world. This wouldn't be possible without Google Zürich's completely free and amazing and very much misunderstood invention of Open Location Codes, marketed as Plus Codes.

Many people are amazed as much as I am by what it promises but many are also misguided about the perceived issues with OLC. Common misunderstandings are that the short codes depend on a Google black box situation, which it doesn't, or that you otherwise depend on Google to use the codes, which is super far from the truth. Some criticism is kinda waranted, but that is the whole reason that I created, which doesn't depend on anything outside of the website (except for hive actually, because I added the location based messaging proof of concept)

But the biggest reason to use OLC is really fixing addressing for people without official streets and house numbers, and because of this my question to you is:

are you or do you know someone who has never received mail directly at their house because of the lack of an address? I want to try to expand the range of where mail has gone, be it through the official mail system or through other means. If so, contact me and I will try to get paper mail to your location!

I will try to keep you posted here if people contact me for trying this out about how well it is going!