Is What You Publish Online Valuable?

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So in recent times, I stopped posting and participating a lot on Hive because I reconsidered what I was doing with my writing on the platform, was I providing real value to the platform and the people who read my posts? The answer will not surprise you. No, I was not providing much value.

What made me reach that conclusion? I know I'm not the only one here who realized this, but Hive itself is pretty addicting. You might start some write-ups just for fun in the beginning, but just like in other social media, getting likes hits those dopamine sensors to get you all excited and happy, AND in Hive, they are even better because you're getting money! This encourages you to start posting endlessly to get cash since the prospect of writing independently and making a decent living is tempting, aren't they?

When it works right, Hive's value proposition is undeniably one of the best things going on in crypto right now, and many people are missing out on it by sticking to regular web 2.0 social media platforms.

All of these thoughts started to me after watching Larry McEnerney's(Director of the University of Chicago's Writing Program) video about the craft of writing, which goes deep into the arts of writing effectively. This video is long, but it is a must-watch for anyone who wishes to take their writings' value and persuasiveness to the next level. There will be a before and an after in your thought process while writing after watching this video.

If you decide to watch this hour-long video, I would love to hear your opinions and take on it. I know it's a big ask for modern human beings' current span of attention to sit in an hour-long class about writing. Still, I'm sure it will reshape your views on writing and the content you deliver on Hive because at the end of the day, don't we all want to get better and provide better value to Hive as it does to us?

If 10% of the people in Hive watched the video, the quality of content on the overall platform itself would go to the roof.

With this post and my previous post, I'm starting to write again, focusing on providing value to others rather than just expressing thoughts or feelings online, which isn't wrong. Still, it can be taken and concentrated on delivering higher amounts of value while sharing your personal experiences and thoughts. Because if you're not providing value to others, why should they take the time to read what you write and interact with you?


No, I was not providing much value.

I was thinking the same way at some point, but often times your work looks way different from outside.

I am never satisfied with myself, thus bookmarked the video and plan on watching it.

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Yes, this happens to me as well. I am never satisfied with the quality of my work, so I'm always looking at ways to improve. A similar thing happens with financial goals when it seems never to be enough.