@Ma1neEvent Blog: Squirrelly Enjoying some Seeds at Camp (July 2019)

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The red squirrels sure do
love the seeds at camp!

Hello again Steem Friends!

Welcome back to another nature photography blog. Today I wanted to share a couple of new photos I was able to capture of one of the local red squirrels who lives near my cottage. They are noisy little buggers... by sometimes they can be cute to watch!

Look at this little face...


How can you get mad at that?

Well, maybe if you woke up with it looking at you... LOL....

This one stayed outside thankfully...

All photos in this post are Original Content by @Ma1neEvent

It was enjoying some seeds I put out on the deck. I was able to get a few photos of some of the local birds as well, which I will share in another post. Be sure to check back to my blog often for new nature photos!

What do you think of this cute little squirrel?

Do you have these creatures where you live too?

Be sure to leave me some replies in the comments below. I love to read them, and enjoy your feedback!

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this squirrel looks funny :)) .... I hope you get more soon :)

I love your shots of the red squirrel! I don't have the red ones here, but, mine are grey and I really need to bait mine like that so I can get some shots! :)

I used to live downtown in Washinton, DC and in my neighborhood there were lots of squirrels - the people trained them to go up to the door and wait for someone to come out with peanuts. One lady even let the squirrel come in to her house and get his own from a basket inside her door.

Yeah, no! Still a wild animal.

I love your nature shots! Keep them coming~!! And keep dropping them in the post-promotion!!

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Great shots of the squirrel 🐿 and good thing they stayed outside waking up to one looking at you could be disturbing

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

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i like a lot the squirrel pics and stories, my neighbour had one, he was on steemit before, maybe you would like to see the post, it's a one handed squirrel, but i will not spoiler anymore, i find it like an interesting storie so, be good to be readed, also @johndoer123 has a squirrel, at least on his Discord pic!


this is the post i talket about.