I am back after 11 months...Steemit is my home!!!

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Missed Steemit...11 months has been long...I am back to add value


The past months were very interesting...learned a lot in the technology space. But some of biggest highlights were being a coach for the Red Bull Basement Residency:


The Red Bull Basement is it now a global makers platform, with over 20 countries which includes U.S.A, South Africa, Turkey, Spain and Switzerland working with the best of the best and the leading experts in the tech scene providing one-on-one couching/mentorship in a state of the art makerspace. I will share more on my following posts.

And then I had a son...well he is over 11 months.

IMG-20180831-WA0016 - Copy.jpg

Hopes he will love technology like me...

Been designing and building a few projects...some as a hobby.







If you are into technology, circuit designs, programming kindly follow...do not miss out.


I have previously shared source codes and designs similarly on this post: My Arduino fun projects: Part5: Arduino based Bitcoin vending machine

Image source: [1]Social media, 2


Great to see that things are going well and congratulations with the new addition to the family, I hope you will have much joy from him!!

@rynow...Thank you very much