Inspiration and professionalism

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Recently I was thinking about the topic of inspiration and professionalism. And that's what came to me)) The beginner is waiting for inspiration (passively). A professional starts working without inspiration and in the process it comes. Creativity is a work from a certain state. This is commonly called inspiration. And a professional can immerse himself in it consciously. But a beginner does not, it happens to him by accident.

It seems to me that this is a unique set of" tools " for each master. For example, we come to the gym, and almost immediately there is a desire to work out with our body. The chances that you will be doing something else are very small. And the inspiration is about that. Creating an atmosphere for a certain activity. This also applies to household tasks, nutrition, and classes with children... Inspiration as a way of life for any person. Any of our activities is creativity. And inspiration as an energetic confirmation of a healthy path.

The work was done in the fluid art technique. Acrylic and plywood are used.


Work at the workplace.

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2019-05-26 22-56-08.jpeg
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