My sweet condenation...Part 2.

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I got carried away to think so much if being women does not make us perfect, we are just two human beings so deluded without taking care that after all, there may be a broken heart and most likely, the safest... THAT is mine.



His way of expressing himself made it very clear what kind of boy he was, showing himself to be different from what he used to know and if maybe he was looking for what most people were looking for I still loved it and I was attracted to him even more. What can I lose? Ha ! now I say to myself that so silly question very deep down to the girls also we like that they look for us for sex coming from a boy that you like clear is, to feel that we attract in that way of certain way helps to raise a little the ego that to feel desired ''uju'' is gratifying, however there is a long stretch between liking and carrying it out, I think I knew very well what I was doing, a calculating and intelligent boy I thought, although I doubted whether it could be a deception or just a facade of a conqueror, the desire to know more and go much further I cal I ate.

Between one conversation and another I don't know at what moment we arrived at that subject that between indirect and direct we wanted to touch, this time with more seriousness we talked about sex and a little more, I felt how my body warmed up with every word that led my imagination to want to enter that unknown world... in YOUR world; I didn't feel fear, in short it was only that I thought, ''an unknown''.

I crossed the line of what is real and unreal and now I like nothing as much as him, everyone else seems so simple to me, and I, I am no longer just that tender and centered girl, he made me feel like a Hurricane, yes, a disaster of me, maybe the worst version or maybe... the best.

This story...will continue.

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