Losing 75lbs During A Pandemic: Post 2

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Well, I've finally made it to day 22 of my diet.

In my first post, I made it clear that I had a lot of weight to lose and that I was well aware that it would take a decent amount of time to reach my goal even though I am on an aggressive diet.

I weighed in for the first time since the start of the diet and things are going well.

Week 0: 231.2 lbs
Week 3: 217.0 lbs

Total loss: 14.2 lbs
Remaining: 62 lbs

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I was hoping for slightly more but I have to admit that I am pleased with my initial results. I'm already feeling better, my clothes fit better than before, I'm sleeping well, and am motivated to keep going and shift the other 62 lbs.

Today, I'll be marking my first weigh in by eating a pizza and a couple of brownies. Nothing major, but enough to give me the boost to get going again.

From this point forward, I will be updating this blog weekly and having a 'free meal' (not cheat) every further 10 lbs lost. By my calculations, it should be around every 2.5 weeks if I'm losing on schedule.

Hope you're all doing well in these difficult times.

Thanks for reading.