Home cat camouflage

in #blog4 years ago

During one of the walks I saw an ordinary domestic cat walking outside. It was a very ordinary cat, but its color was so perfectly combined with the environment that I could not pass by and stopped to take some pictures :D




I followed the animal for a while and the cat decided to pose for me :)


But it got bored of me very soon...


And finally it stopped paying attention at me at all >_<


So i just let it be and do it's own cat things :D


Thank you, Lyndsay ^_^

Without a doubt it is a beauty, I congratulate you for such beautiful photographs.

thank you, Jorge ^_^

Oh yes @reinikaerrant, very beautiful photos and the color of this cat looks amazing!

i also like these colors a lot, very nice combination

Indeed, the cat fits very well into the landscape. Thank you for a great photo

thank you for the great comment! :D

wow it was awesome not only the camouflage but also the pose of that cat when the pic was captured :)
keep posting . :)

thank you, @dibyajitsarkar! i am glad that you liked this post :)

And this is why i love you 😍 wanders off to follow a cat 😁 never change my love ❤️

not just any cat, but the one that so perfectly combined with the environment! xD
but i do think there is no risk for me to get changed Лиса30.png

Aww, so cute. Looks like somebody's cat, clean and well behaved.

i knew you will notice this post ;) yes, it's a very nice looking cat ^_^

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