Unexpected textures

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Sometimes during a walk you can see something spectacular even in the most ordinary things. What do you see ahead?


This is an ordinary street on the outskirts of the Russian city, and it seems that nothing remarkable can be found there.


However, this garage caught my attention. And it's not just this huge old castle on a deadbolt.


Look what amazing textures were formed on the iron gate.



The old paint, fading and rust made the gates look like avant-garde paintings.



I wonder if it was a painting and not just a painting on an old gate, how much would it cost? :D


The truth is impressive what nature can do, I think that this gate with the passing of the years has brought water and sun, how impressive is how it was forming all that, to the point of looking like a lienso of an artirta, I congratulate you, always with the focus on the hand, to capture those beauty.

your comment is wonderful as always! thank you so much for your attention to my posts! ^_^

Interesting reasoning and a look at things. Thank you this is interesting

thank you for your comment! :)

Lol Come to visit me, I have a lot of such pictures on the street. Amazing, you see the beauty in everything :)

well, maybe you should make a post about it as well ;) yes, it often happen to me :D

You are right Reinika, if this were framed, and in a museum...with the right artist's name, it could be worth millions :)

yeah, poor the gate's owner has no idea how precious his garage could be :D

Probably a lot 😄 very cool looking gate and one hell of a lock 😳

yes, people pay money for all kind of weird things :D

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i think most of the people didn't notice what happening around or not didn't want to know about that But i'm happy about you that you have see it and posting the most ordinary things :)
keep posting :)