the way you find an idea for your blog!

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Steemit is something new.


Something else then the other social medias like Facebook or Instagram.
We don’t post our eat or #duckface, we take a deeper thought.
Here is no place for low quality content.
I want to say you right now: Steemit is not the place where you are going to make quick money.

The great thing on Steemit is: high quality content will be rewarded, because we are the best community I’ve seen so far.
Everyone is helping each other, no Newbie are lost here :)

So but here is the question, what can I give the community back? The solution is relative obvious: with your own inspiring content!

Steemit is used by a growing community, every kind of hobby you have will find some readers. So that's the way you have to go: build your own community with quality content about your passion, your hobby or something you are good at.

Always ask yourself:

Is it really me who am I writing about?
what do I want to achieve with my post
Is my post something I can share without hurting somebody else?

How do I find my ideas?


So far I tried many different projects, which where uniq cause I made them up.
I started about 6 projects, but 5 of them were failures, but my latest project is still in the race.
I’m going to publish my project here on Steemit as well as soon as I got a patent for it (We will have the patent in approximately 2 months).

But to come back to the sub-heading,
normally I sit down, take a drink and I think about the world.
Take an empty sheet of paper and just write down what you are interested in.
Make it colorful so your mind is addressed by it.
Turn your favorite music on and think about the problems you got in your life.
You are not the only one, there are human beings out there with exactly the same feelings!
Especially the Steemit community is open towards it, whatever it is.

You don't need to write about your dog, sitting in front of the door and waiting you to come home. Go ahead and take a deeper thought. Write about the feelings of your dog, of the animals, do we have to protect the animals? Is it right to have crowded halls with cows in it?

There are so many topics to blog about.

And YOU are the key for a new blog a new idea. It’s may a never ending story which you have to keep alive, hopefully. And one day, it may be something, others would look up to.

Just keep going and pushing straight forwards!

Cheers from Germany.


We can also post pictures with steepshot. That's one way.