My Thoughts & Review: Shutter Island (Movies Reviews on Steemit)

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When Shutter Island begins we are introduced to Teddy Daniels. A detective who is sent to an eerie island to solve the case of a patient who has miraculously disappeared.

Along the way Teddy must face many obstacles and discover more than he has bargained for. I personally enjoyed this movie quite a bit. The story was not perfect but it was well written and kept me intrigued throughout.

When writing a mystery it is vital that you keep your viewer guessing but still engaged. Shutter Island does just that by giving you enough back story, which by the way is written beautifully, to keep you interested in Teddy but not enough so it is obvious what is really happening. On a side note not only was the story itself written really well but so were the characters. Teddy develops throughout the script and you really feel for him by the end.

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And although this isn't a gangster film you can really feel the impression from Scorsese with his beautiful shots. The cast of Shutter Island fit their characters very well.

Leonardo DiCaprio did an amazing job as Teddy and made the movie. Mark Ruffalo also did amazing as the lead supporting role of Chuck. However he really shines at the end of the movie.
As for the rest of the cast, they did quite well, but they didn't really reach the level of Leo or Mark. On a side note though the dialogue in Shutter Island is a little bit cheesy. It tries to imitate the classic "Noir" but it just seems to be missing something. Presentation is easily my favorite thing about this movie.

Stunning visuals and a great score really made the "Noir" tone work. And the Blu-ray quality only added to its appeal. One could almost mistake this for a Snyder film.

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If the story was a big piece of shit anyway. Alright Snyder ain't that bad but he ain't no Scorsese. In closing, Shutter Island is an amazing film that not only tells a great story but is a treat to look at. If some cheesy dialogue doesn't upset you and you are intrigued by a good mystery If you haven't watched this movie, I highly recommend it.


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