The State of this Blog - Not Dead

in #blog6 years ago


Hello everyone,

I know, I know... You haven't heard of me in a long time and I want to address this. First things first: This blog isn't dead... it's also not quite alive though. Much like Schrödingers Cat or my Quantum Cat, you can consider this blog dead and alive at the same time.

I am sorry if the lack of content disappointed someone but the sad reality of life is: Time is very limited and this blog is a hobby for me.

Turns out I do enjoy writing, but rather in short sprints than in long extensive tours. The semesters also don't get less intense. This in combination with having promised content that I couldn't deliver lead to a sort of writing fatigue/block. The passion went out of the window and if I write without passion, chances are high you wont enjoy reading what I write.

So here's what I'll do. I won't promise any content in the future. I probably wont write regularly. And I will likely write a bit more casually and less full STEEMSTEM posts. However if the passion grabs hold of me and I have something interesting to tell, this blog will grow by a few posts.

So keep an eye out for posts but please don't be disappointed if there are none for some time. ;-)

Read you later,