Alternate Art Renders Of Nirvana Pennyroyal Tea Single Cover

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I felt a sort of awe of mystery surrounding the Pennyroyal Tea Nirvana Single Cover. It was a single that was to be released but was cancelled due to Cobain's death. The original is a tea cup with tea bag going into it with animal crackers laying around with an ashtray that has cigarette butts in it. I knew the A.I. could morph some of the objects into different shapes. That is what I was looking for. To make a surrealist take on the album cover in having it morph. What I like is certain objects stay relatively the same like the tea cup. There is that centrepiece or solid element. The last one I did of Cobain's work was one done in a frame which stayed in each render. It's getting me into wanting to make displays/arrangements of objects, also collages, then render and morph them with a.i.

I like how some are alien and others have a child element. Cobain liked to use toys, dolls, babies and anatomy in his art so tried to play within that sort of effect

I'm really glad to have made this and posting this!! It is inspiring me to keep on the track of going on a roll

I really like how this turned out, I will keep on with having fun with this. I like Kurt Cobain's weird vibe to help me get into that mood