Interesting Renders Of An Artwork By Kurt Cobain

in #bloglast year

When I started getting back into A.I. art I was looking back to Kurt Cobain's art! I am a big fan. I like the weird skinny figures, the doll heads, the collages etc. I spent half a day on this one so this is only part 1. I was just having too much fun and the pictures turned out really well and trippy! It was the effect I was looking for. I'm glad I got into something I found fun. Now I want to take pictures of miniature dolls and stuff and make a collage and render it through A.I. I'm glad I did this one! It gave me allot of inspiration!

The original is an art piece with a wooden frame. All the renders kept this frame intact interestingly enough. Though sometimes it morphs and has stuff growing out of it

I can't believe everyone is fun interesting and kind of alien. It was exactly what I was looking for

That's all for the first part. I don't know how many I have and I may make more. I am interested in what it could turn into