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I really don't know where my life is going. My mother is the oldest child in a family of four. and my father is the youngest son in my paternal family. 2013 my father is no longer in this world. You also understand that a son without his father's love and guidance will have many difficulties.
That time really made me depressed. My paternal family also did not love my mother and children very much because they thought that my father had lost the breadwinner in the family and had nothing for them to ask for.My mother is also a rather old-fashioned person. she always wanted to hold me. I'm always on the outside. I wonder why . From small things to big things, it must be me. why why . I need to struggle like many of my friends out there but why are you forcing me to stay in one place


Cố lên nhé em trai. Ai cũng có nỗi niềm riêng nên quan trọng là nổ lực của bản thân nè. Chúc em giáng sinh an lành ❤️

em cảm ơn chị ạ . nhiều khi đay là nơi em trút hết mọi nỗi buồn chị ạ