75 ways to make extra money - Part 1 (1-25) Internet Based

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We all could use some extra income coming in, some people need it to pay bills and some people could use it for safety or rainy day funds. I am sure many people have tried certain methods but for whatever reason they did not see the benefits of the work needed versus the payout or found that it simply was not for them.

If you are looking for extra income then you need to be prepared to spend some time researching it, coming up with ways that you can be different from others offerings and you also need commitment. The most important thing is commitment, you need to find something you are good at and can relate to then stick with it and make sure you accomplish it. I had this problem when I first started looking for ways to earn extra income, I would try out an idea but find that 2 or 3 days later I would change my mind and try something else and I would do this like a vicious cycle. The cycle never stopped because I was on the get rich quick bandwagon, but I learned a lot later that it does not work that way. You have to be committed because the money may not come quick, in decent quantities or even at all when you first start but if you believe in what you are doing and in yourself then you should have no trouble at all finding your niche and earn that extra income and who knows that may even turn in to a primary source of your income.

I have come up with 75 ways that you can earn extra income; I tried my best to make the list as easy to follow and easy to pick up and go as possible but some of these methods may need extra steps. I have also included any web links that you use to help get started or help put your products so they can sell.

I know you are getting antsy and want to get to the lists but know this first, you can do any of these you want but you have to be committed and you have to be ready to accept that it may not come as quick as you want but with some hard work and dedication, it will come.

Without any further road blocks, I present to you 75 ways to earn extra income.

Ways to make money using the internet

Freelancer – Do some freelance work. Write articles or translate documents. There are many websites to help you find work like Elance.com or Freelancer.com

Word Press – Word Press allows you to build great websites and it’s very easy to learn but not many people do it. You can learn Word Press and sell your website making services to people or small businesses. WordPress.org

Sell Books – Sell your used books at Half.com or Amazon.com.

Share Wireless – You can rent out or share your wireless signals with people in your apartment using these websites HotSpotSystem.com or ZoneRider.net.

EBay or Craigslist – You can sell all your old stuff or not needed items on Ebay.com or Craigslist.org.

Sell Ideas – If you have a great idea that others would want then you can sell it to them using this article Entrepreneur.com/article/83496

Drop Shipping – Drop shipping is selling other peoples goods that are not in your possession, an example would be Avon. You sell products and transfer the orders to the company that has the item and they ship it to the customer for you and you get a slice of the profit. These are some of the drop shipping companies out there, dobo.com and volusion.com

Resell ink Cartridges – Gather up empty ink cartridges and either sell the empty’s or get them refilled with a home refill kit and sell the full cartridges on Ebay.com

Customer Support – You can work from home doing customer support for many different things, all of these things you can do for as long as you want or as little as you want and all hours of the day or night. More information can be found at LiveOps.com

Do peoples stuff – Complete tasks for people in exchange for money on DoMyStuff.com

Fiverr.com – Offer your services that other people want for $5

College Notes – Sell your college notes that you take online at NoteHall.com or SHareNotes.com

Resale – If you happen to see garage sales going on than stop by and see if there some things you can get cheap and sell them back online to earn a profit with sites like Ebay.com or Craigslist.org

Crafts – If you good at making unique crafts then you can sell them on Etsy.com and make a decent profit.

Old Phones – If you happen to have old or broken cell phones then you are in luck with sites like FlipSwap.com or Gazelle.com where you can sell the cell phones.

Sell for Others – Approach other people or small business and see if you can sell their products for them for a cut of the profits using sites like Amazon.com, Ebay.com or Craigslist.org

Blogging – If you have stories to tell about life or just want to get your ideas to the world then blogging can be a very lucrative way to make money, you can sell advertising space on your website or sell products that you recommend.

Affiliate Marketing – This is a great way to make money and it’s not hard at all. If you have your own website then you almost done already, all you do is promote products that you want to sell and earn money when people buy them. You can learn more at wikihow.com/Make-Money-in-Affiliate-Market

Amazon Mechanical Turk – AMT connects people who need things done with people who get things done, tasks are created for people like you to complete for small amounts of change but they take less than 5 minutes to complete and are very simple to do. You can find more information at mturk.com

Invent products – Sites like Quirky.com allow inventors to post their inventions and refine them in hopes that people like them and they get manufactured. If your product gets made then you have the ability to make a very good amount of money.

Pictures – If you have really nice pictures lying around then you can sell them as stocks pictures others can use on their websites or flyers. You can find more information at istockphoto.com

SEO Work – Many people want their websites to be at the top of the list for search engines but they do not know how to make that happen so they need people to promote their websites so that it becomes popular. You can find more information at ehow.com/how_4711032_do-seo-wbsite.html

Gambling – If you are really good at picking a good sports team to win then you can try online sports betting from home. This could be easy because you have tons of information about the specific matches right on the web at your fingertips. You can find more information at sportsbook.com or fandual.com

Donations – If your running on hard times and just need a little help then you can ask people for donations or become a beggar online, there is no shame in this but you have to be honest and truthful

Surveys – Many people that surf the web have come across these and some actually pay you to provide your input on a product or service and can be very lucrative.

These are just some of the ways that you can use the internet to make money. You can try one or all of them if you wish but remember to just stick to them and you will earn some cash in no time.


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