Happy Anniversary to us :)

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Last weekend there was one full of party :). Saturday my wife and I celebrated our 19 year anniversary. 19 years ago, we pledged allegiance to prosperity and adversity. And what and journey it is so far. My wife and I have known each other much longer, in fact I am her first boyfriend.

I will never forget when I first saw her. I was 16, she was 15. She was chatting to a friend of mine who worked at the bakery and sold oliebollen on Saturday. I found her beautiful, sweet and above all very cheerful. (and she still is). It took a while before we saw each other again, but we did draw closer together.

After we got something together it was not always easy, just like in any relationship there are always bumps that need to be overcome. This is also the case with us. The biggest stumbling block was my parents, at least only my mother. She had a history of alcohol abuse and was manipulative. She got a hold of everyone around us except "my girlfriend" and my mother couldn't deal with that. Then the crap started, she gossiped about my girlfriend to anyone who wanted to hear it, she told the most horrible things ... But we stayed together, whatever my mother thought of it.

At some point I broke completely with my parents, not an easy decision but the only right one. No one came between me and my wife ... and still not. I love her very much and we have a great time with the kids and ourselves.

Have a nice day everyone !!!




Mensen die zeggen dat ze nooit woorden hebben of hebben gehad met hun partner zijn ofwel leugenaars ofwel hebben ze geen (h)echte relatie.

Nog een prettige dag, en doe er nog een paar decennia bij.

Helemaal waar, dank je wel !!! Jij ook een fijne dag !!

Damn, that's a lot of years... I couldn't even reach the 1 year mark with any of my ex-girlfriends. I guess a long lasting relationship was never in the cards, for me. 🤣

lol :) It's 30 years now... So that's indeed a very long time... But we still going strong :)

Well, congratulations. I can't even imagine how that happens! 🤭

Congrats on the milestone! That is really awesome! It sounds like you celebrated in a very awesome way!

We sure did Bozz :) Thanks !!

Happy anniversary! So cool that you have been together so long. Here's to many more years of happiness.

Thank you Steve !!