A comeback and a story

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Hello to all of you, I hope you're doing great, it's been a while since I was very much active around here, so many things were going on in my life, I will not talk about it, but recently, I was thinking it would be good to come back and write again, and that's what I plan to do, but, of course, if I am allowed to, and if that is my destiny, I will do my best.

So, this is mainly to let all you know that I'll be over here again.

But since I don't want to let this post so short, I will add a fable-like story I myself wrote some months ago. I thought of writing this when I was looking at some anecdotes about the Taoist master Zhuangzi and his book. So I am influenced by this and that's the way it's going.

When the son of the king of the north was born, everyone was happy, it seemed that he would continue the blessed and fortunate legacy of his father, who had been loved by all men and praised by all nations. While the prince was still young, he was very interested in music, which is said that he had great gifts and talents.

After his father's death and his ascension to the throne, everyone expected a reign as fruitful and stable as his father's, however, it was not so. The new king spent all day surrounded by musicians and instruments and it is said that he neglected his duties as monarch. Soon people began to say that he was better at the harp than at the crown, and he was finally overthrown.

The son of the king of the north could be a very good musician, but he decided to be a bad ruler.

There will be no interpretation since I myself wrote the story. Let me know if you like it. I have another story like this in my head I made, not months ago, but years ago. So if you like it I could share it too.

So, that's is. Cheers!

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The son of the king of the north could be a very good musician, but he decided to be a bad ruler.

A fantastic sentence. The ability to fit so much into just one sentence has my admiration. Especially as the wording that he "decided" to be a bad ruler makes the matter even more tangible and means that one has a certain freedom in their decisions, even if they are bound by an existing obligation.

The story also allows for the interpretation that brings to mind the well-known saying: "The first generation builds, the second manages and the third squanders."

Generations of parents and their children are familiar with the phenomenon that if the parents were particularly badly off, the children benefit from their efforts to make things better for themselves. If these children then do well and even better, they do little to ensure that the next generation benefits from this. It's an eternal game of change, it seems to me.

Welcome back and I am looking forward to read your texts again!


I wasn't sure about making the story on monarchs since there is a certain obligation to inherit the throne. So I'm glad you have picked up the part about freedom.

Thank you for providing an interpretation. I can see how you got there.

And thanks for stopping by.