Midday Walk

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I am sitting in my office and having a hard time concentrating, this is a normal daily occurrence so what I like to do is get out and stretch my legs and get some fresh air. My office is in the perfect place to make it worth my effort.


Here I go....


I like to put in my request incase someone is actually listening ...


Be careful what you wish for...


I think I am safe with this small prayer.


It takes a few minutes to get to a really nice place...


Here we are.


I like to walk down the boardwalk and admire the water, boats, and amazing homes.

At this point I am already feeling pretty good, I could head back to work now, Let's go...


Checking out the local talent....

Very talented.


A little less talent....


I bet this little otter likes the water, just a guess.


And back to work!


Lucky to work in such a cool spot, Thanks for taking a walk with me !

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You have a pretty area for a walk, and fascinating things to see as well! That mansion is amazing, I read about it at the link you provided 😮 I love that statue of the girl with the vases! Such a beautiful piece of art! 💗

Interesting Tidbit: GoogleMaps has taken to blurring faces of people in their 'Steet View' photos, for privacy reasons. The face of the statue is also blurred in GoogleMaps Street View...! 😂

I love my neighborhood and taking this walk because each time I see something new, I never saw the statue until today. It's funny her face is blurred on street view yet she let me see her boobie in person 😂 I am glad you like the post and nice to meet you.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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thank you so much and thank you @thekittygirl !! my new friend ...I really appreciate it.

That's quite the nice area!