We should fear Traditional Islam

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Radical islam

Let’s take a moment to talk about Muslims and Islam. Many people I speak to are talking about Muslims as they would talk about Christians or Jews. You have liberals – fundamentalist - … . But this is a wrong distinction. There are no fundamentalist in the Muslim world. There is no liberal movement in the same sense as we western people talk about. You might have some liberal Muslims in Brussels (who knows :P). But in NO country that is occupied by Islam. Will you find any liberal society at all.

So lets divide the Islamic world into two camps. The traditional and the radicals. As this is all there is the Muslim world. The fun part is that in essence Islam – Judaism and Christianity are not so far apart. They come from the same cradle. But Islam has more incoming with Judaism then it does with Christianity. Christianity is based on believe “I ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS MY LORD AND SAVIOR”. So you need to accept Christianity. You are not forced to. Islam is a religion of law. The woman needs to wear the veil, what she wants is of no importance. And if she does not she will be assaulted. Thought is of no importance the law is. In that regard Islam conforms with the Old Testament. The book is a collection of rules – commandments and codes. And your job is to follow them. No questions asked.

And Sharia Law is construction not of radical Islam but by Traditional Islam. So everything in Sharia even the things that are shocking to us you can generally find in ancient Judaism. They are very similar. That’s why you find different interpretations of the laws in different countries. Some very radical countries only ask females to wear the head scarf while other less radical once will demand a bourka.

So the main difference between radical and traditional Islam is that radical Islam is mainly a political movement that sprang forward in the diminish power of Islam in the world today. When you look at circa 1500 the main powers in the world where China and Arabs. Those cultures where dominant over all others. But what happens after is the rise of European culture. If you would take away the oil in the Arab countries they would join all other African countries in respect to influence and importance. They would in essence have nothing to say in the world stage at all. As we live in a technological world the influence will start to diminish. As new energy sources will be found and used at one time the world will not need any more oil.

So they are looking at it and wondering what and why it is happening. The radical Muslims have their thoughts set on the logical that their diminished power has everything to do with the fact that they are no longer real Muslims. So they are going back to the militarized, political Islam of their prophet. To the Islam that dominated the region of the middle east by the sword.

They are in essence going back to the time before the crusades. And rule by and expand by the sword. And if the crusades did not happen we would now probably all be learning about prophet Mohammed in our schools. I do however strongly doubt we would be so far ahead in technology and schooling.

So what we are now finding in the Islamic world is a coalition that is forming that could become a UNITED STATES OF ISLAM. You should not see this as a terrorist organization like AL QAIDA. Those are monkeys sitting in a cage acting like monkeys do. They no longer hold any note worthy territory they move and get wrecked wherever they yell they exist. Those terrorist groups are totally different from governments who hold territories and have armies. Teheran is building nuclear bombs. ISIS was the first attempt of forming the United States of Islam. And we should be weary as they will try and try again.

In essence something like radical Islam could be killed at the source if we would all come together. But as we all bicker amongst ourselves like little children and don’t speak of the problems, we cannot speak out as one. We are discussing who we are and how we should act towards this thread. We are calling ourselves a union of freedom. Freedom of speech is essential. Yet whenever someone speaks the truth about Islam or the essence of being a Muslim. We are called names. And our freedom of speech no longer counts.

There are complete neighborhoods around the globe in western countries where police can no longer enter. Where sharia law is upheld. And we allow those things to happen. If someone is not happy where they live. You move to where you can live how you want. Today is a neighborhood, tomorrow it is a town. And the day after it is a western country that falls to these traditional Muslims.

We should not fear radical Islam, we should fear traditional Islam!


Did you see Muslim Police cars enforcing Sharia in NYC? Good article here. Many people think Sharia Law only means a set of cultural preferences, opinions, habits, fashion trends, something similar to what the Amish people do. Generally, people don't want to think about how governments begin enforcing Sharia in the countries they conquer via overpopulating the country with Muslims, gradually. Here is an upvote.

No i did not see Muslim Police cars in NYC. I myself am from Belgium so that is a bit hard. I do however see articles and watch the news on alot of diffrent outlets. There are complete suburbs in Norway where police can no longer enter. The same is happening in Brussels and Berlin. We should dair to speak of this rather then being silent and think it will pass.

If we don't act complete cities will become like this!

The No-Go Zones in Europe is a very scary thing. I have not been to Europe but I have seen bits and pieces of the terrible things, the invasion which has happened in the pas, centuries ago, at times, by so-called barbarians.

In my opinion they are barbarians. Anyone who goes to a diffrent place and wants the native people to adjust to them should not be called anything else.

That is what is happening in Europe as we speak. We can no longer speak our thoughts whithout beeing called biggot or racist.

The no-go zones are a small aspect of the hole situation. And politicians should start to notice the tights are turning. I just wonder if it is allready to late.

The European Union, Soros, and others, have been involved in the process of flooding borders with the Barbarians in many countries in Europe especially after 2010 and it is happening in America as well.

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