Hello I am new here

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Hi there, I'm Žygimantas! I'm a 19 year old Student based in Lithuania. In my free time, I enjoy doing videos, content and websites.
My hobby is do crypto and working with computers! I feel that this thing will help me get new people around the world!


A new hiver is always good news 😀 Welcome!
Take into account your "resource credits. Don't spend it all or you will not able to post till resource is recovered.
Please, have a look at #IntroduceYourself . Do another post so that people in charge of that # can see you in order to delegate to you some Hive Power

Hey and welcome to the community :)

I am planning to organize a day of Freedom, Community and Decentralization in Kaunas on Thu 11th May. Would you be interested to know more?

Hey, how much it cost?

There is no price. If you get involved, we make the day together with several other activists in Kaunas. They are active at the Emma Centrs ;)

Alright. I will think about it