My Mad Scramble For One Million BLURT

in #blurt3 months ago

I found some HIVE in old accounts I had set to power down, so I'm selling it for more BLURT to get me closer to my goal of 1 million. I just hit the 950k Blurt Power milestone!


I had forgotten about the power-downs in those smaller Hive accounts, which I started about a year ago. It's not a lot of money, but everything helps! I wasn't expecting to pass the 950k mark quite yet, but the boost of BLURT today really helped.

And there's still some more HIVE to convert, so it might not be long before I hit the 960k point!

Oh, I've also got more than 37k in delegated BP, which helps boost my votes and curation rewards.


I'm having a lot of trouble connecting to the blockchain lately, which is slowing down my rate of income. As you know, it is our actions on Blurt that earn us rewards - posting, commenting, and curating. Without a working front end, I can't perform those actions as often as I want to, reducing my income. ( is often lagging or down for me. Blurtlatam allows me to log in, but I can't comment or post. BeBlurt allows me to log in, but I can't do any actions. So I have effectively almost no way to use the blockchain or access my funds.)

That said, if I can get a decent price on some BLURT and power it up soon, I'll be within striking distance of the million BP goal! I'm trying to get there before January 1st. If keeps the node I'm on up, and I blockchain like a maniac, it could happen.


I recently lost my 4 biggest curators, who now only auto-vote to reward creators for burning tokens. That makes it very hard for my posts to appear on Trending, which means they don't get the additional visibility and knock-on voting effect. I was making ~1000 BLURT per post, I'm now making ~500 BLURT per post.

These things are making it very hard to earn BLURT, and stay on pace to hit the million this year. If only I had known about those scraps of HIVE earlier, they would have helped in the compound growth. Oh well, at least they're adding to the stack and helping me cross the finish line now! I'm excited to see how much more I can power up with the last scraps... looks like it will be at least another 10k! Will it put me close enough to earn the rest before the year ends?

So the mad scramble is on! Thank you very much for your support as I post, comment, and curate my way to another 50,000 BLURT in just 26 days! It's a lofty goal, but thanks to the forgotten tokens now being converted to BP, it's potentially doable.




Why are you buying Blurt? I am concerned it could run out of RPC nodes and its only surviving front end. That would mean you would have to spin up your own on some pricy hardware.