DOWNVOTE BEAST @themarkymark is mostly on Blurt...

in #blurt4 months ago (edited)

The biggest DH on Hive is now the biggest DH on Blurt!

Because he is getting his dumb butt kicked here on Blurt by the whale accounts newsflash, xeldal and enki and also getting his comments zeroed by about half a dozen victims of his downvote sprees, Marky doesn't seem to like it that much anymore here on Hive...

He now rather spends his time over on Blurt, commenting his useless crap there!

https: //

His witness has dropped out of the top 10. Hopefully soon to be a dropout of the top 20!!!!

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Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face.

My keys wouldn't open my account.

I tried that, too.
It didn't work.
I'm not too concerned about it.
Too many foundational issues, for me.