Blurtlink service (deposit and withdraw) is ONLINE.

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The @blurtlink service is up and processing all pending transactions.
Completed the first 2 days, and the gateway is still processing the next four days (backlog).

To check current status, please visit this link.

Hopefully, all pending transactions will be completed very soon.

Everyone is so excited about this news and happy to see Blurt in action again.

If the @blurtlink service misses your deposit or withdraw, please post it here so I can check it right away.


  • All pending transactions are completed. Back to normal operations.

Thank you so much,


I looked at blurt its a steem fork isn't it? Looked like there was no volume when I checked last. Whats the roadmap for this and who is behind it?

That's correct. Check your account name, you probably have some blurt coin from steem fork.

Yes I do thank you.

For the roadmap, join at discord channel to chat with the active founders.

Awesome. Thanks.