My Autobiography

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Some subscribers have messaged me asking what happened to my series, usually published every Sunday morning under the title SUNDAY IN MEMORY LANE.

I decided that it was as complete as I wanted it to be for the present. The most recent decade, covering my life since I retired, is tremendously busy and complex. Most of it has been conducted online and comprises thousands of articles written about anti-establishment activism. I may decide to write that decade up at a later date.

Unfortunately, due to being cancelled from Facebook, Twitter and Discord I no longer have access to everything I wrote, interviews I gave, photos that were taken and so on.

You know the score. If you are challenging the status quo they obliterate you from the internet and they have certainly done that to me.

Meanwhile, if you missed any episodes of my autobiography I have listed the links here:

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Well, somehow I missed all of them, and now have considerable reading to do.