@Booster Back Online after 4 days of downtime - Sorry About That!

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Now Running on FULL POWER after being drained to 30% due to an error we hope will never happen again.

There is about 2.4 hours until next vote-batch at post-time. You can see what a full upvote is worth at: https://steemnow.com/@booster and on https://steembottracker.com/ when they update later.

New Limits: Minimum Bid is 1 SBD/STEEM - For lower bids, use our brother, @SpeedVoter instead.


booster is the best bot because the user always makes a loss on their investment so it cannot be used to make insane amounts of profits

Hi @booster are you sure about this project, I send you 10 SBD you Vote Mee $16.09
with this memo https://steemit.com/nature/@apasteem/the-farmers-is-indonesia-s-backbone , are this is the problem, because few day ago you have the problem.

Hey i just sent 1 sbd to speedvoter not knowing it was for smaller votes. I know I made a mistake and its my fault I should of looked more into it before sending the sbd but if you guys could clearify the limits on the speedvoter post that would help. And the discord chat you guys have a link to for help on the speedvoter called me an imbecile, an idiot etc. for trying to figure out what I did wrong. Never asked for a refund, just wanted it explained to me why the upvote I got was so small. What great customer service for new users.

Please stop self-voting.

you dont know sir how i eagrly waiting for 100% power of you bcz booster is the best and no.1 bot at steemit for users

And here I was thinking I’d been banned from using booster lol

It is really good the way you are giving a good message to the world. I love this your update post.So,good information and very interesting,you are doing very perfectly and great.

i will pray,booster will be always the king.

Could be a good time to pick some up. Good luck and keep your efforts like this u are always good performance steem power.

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I sent 2 STEEM 3 hours past and no upvote neither refund bid. Please help me.

welcome back, hopefully can work well

welcome back for bo0ster update steemit community .............

I appreciate your post..actually you are great one in this steemit platform..A very historic running. You explain in some great detail. It kind of gives a historical feel to your write up. I am learning a lot about of STEEM POWER history by reading your blog.

I am first follow your post..
Cause I like your post always..
And your every post is mind blowing ..I appreciate and many many respect to you for amazing blog discussion.

followed .... upvoted and restreem

That's a a great update dear...I appreciate your post ..Thanks for sharing ..Reteemit..

Can someone kindly enlighten me on this whale Steem and upvote terms and how they affect Steemians.

trust the mistake never happens again @booster.

congrats and achievement @booster

no problem..i am happy for your coming...
thanks a lot...

Welcome back!!

thank you a lot for this information. i am updating now booster

You can get a lot with 1 vote

hope the error never happens again @booster.
congratulations and success @booster

Good to see you back and kicking. Cheers

welcome back, we are very happy with your coming back,

safe booster, never a mistake, because the error will be fatal.
hopefully the future @booste provide the best.
good luck @booster

Welcome.thanks for sharing with us

hope @booster will be better and always successful, @booster congratulations

since your back now lets go with out siezing

welcome @booster, hope @booster will be better. congratulations and success @booster

Welcome bro

wow amazing

Yes ser

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Thank You! ⚜

that is great one. good job @booster. your activities are great. keep it up.

hopefully no more errors occur, I am very happy @booster actively working again, success always make @ booster

good bro carri on.... i am waiting for your bit bot

I am pray for your helth @booster. Keep spirit.

Great to see it back time to boost it up :D

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very good post,@booster

OK thanks information..

booster is so the best bot. I want to up with you @booster

welcome back,sir.☺
you are so great.

That's a great update dear.keep it up.

I am new and confused how to use it

Wow keren

hey i've sent 1sbd but i have not get upvote.
this is my link https://steemit.com/traveling/@shiroe/20180303t123930702z-post

hey i've sent 1sbd but i have not get upvote.
this is my link https://steemit.com/traveling/@shiroe/20180303t123930702z-post

Hello friend

Sory @booster. Why my post doesn't you vote, are have mistake in my link or other mistake ? Thank you

Hy booster ....itu aplikasi dapat mendinginkan hp apa tidak
Butuh sarannya.. Smoga dibalas.. And upvote terimakasih

I had send you 1 abd and not get up vote fron you

Please check my new posts out! :)

sorry @booster want to ask why not in upvote already one day

Pertanyaan yang membosankan bagi @booster hehe

That's a a great update dear...I appreciate your post.

Selalu mengikuti @booster

Silakan periksa posting baru saya,thanks

Bila Anda copy / paste atau berulang kali ketik komentar yang sama Anda bisa salah untuk bot.thanks

I had earlier used your service many times, and you were Awesome! the best bot out there, then something happend to you and you really started to suck and giving amazingly bad votes, like real money loosing votes, so I stopped using you.

I tried you again just now, and the vote you gave this time it seams you break even, so cant complain this time.

so in my book your at an "ok" level again.

my booster has sent sbd to you 4 hours ago. please vote me

i am very glad after hearing this news....
i am also hopefully with you.....
wellcome back.....


Nice,, very useful information

Nice post @boster

I am waiting for you vote and please cooperate. Greetings one family

Welcome back and best regards from me

Do you vote for comment?

My booster has sent sbd to you. Please help me

This is a good project @booster

Wellcome booster, good-luck.

good post

booster i have sent sbd to you 0.350.20 hours then please give me vote

hallo Mr. booster i am new member plz. upvote done and helpe new ida

I've send you 1 SBD, but you give me vote too small. Please vote again or send back some sbd

link memo: https://steemit.com/dmania/@anharismail/dont-u-waiting-brother-zg1hbmlh-oi0ns

booster a day ago i sent sbd to you 0.350 i really need your help but until today you have not helped me. sorry yes maybe you forgot. please vote as much as possible

Hi @booster I have sent before 2 hours 3 Steem and up to now no upvote. You forgot me.?

Welcome back

SBD I sent 4 days ago, why do not you vote me @booster