24H Steem Report: Top 10 Accounts For Votes, Transfers, Posts, Author and Curation Rewards

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Daily top 10 user account reports

Start block: #19567382 2018-02-04T06:20:45
End block: #19596182 2018-02-05T06:21:33
Blocks counted: 28800
Total operations: 1908773

Votes given


Votes received


Transfers sent


Transfers received


Posts made


Comments made


Author SBD rewards


Curation reward in Steem


More statistics coming soon, leave comments with requests for statistics to be considered.

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How may i done this

2860 post made? pffft this would be nice to know excluding bots.

@dailysteemreport what does posts made mean? because if you look at the guys account it says 11 post and the stats say 2860? or am I misunderstanding?

Posts are both comments and articles, I also have not filtered for edits

oh, I see, thanks for the explanation @dailysteemreport , that makes a lot of sense then.

nice post,, thank for aharing @dailysteemreport

How many of these votes are bots? Do people buy the bots that vote for them?