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These days bots and A.I. roam around the internet. It is the age of technology and the future.

Artificial Intelligence is the development of a computer system that are able to perform tasks that require human capabilities such as visual perception, speech recognition, and decision making. These AI powered technologies have quickly moved beyond the realm of science fiction and into our daily lives.

AI has been used in the world of marketing in the form of chatbots which are able to have conversation with user online. Used for helping finding articles on their website and contact customer service.

AI have a major impact on our society in many ways, one of the most significant is the rise in popularity very recently. Banking, marketing, Healthcare and education.

In Games


AI has been around for a while, one of the famous events was in the Game of Chess. Of course, the inventors and supporters of the technology were happy to know that it is improving every time and now providing human a very formidable Opponent.

I am a fan of Chess games myself, the introduction of AI to chess makes you play game anytime of the day, without waiting for an opponent. I experienced playing Chess games in my computer which is usually installed in games, they are always ready to battle, in any level and in any color and skin. Although you can also choose a person to play online.

Today, Chess players are becoming more innovative in their attacks and preparations, especially in rapid chess games.

I believe when you introduce something Artificial things really change. But then I don't think we can stop progress, upgrades or change itself.

Chess have only 16 well carved pieces on each side of the board which is placed in the same positions at the start of the game. Nobody panicked when they made the ground breaking AI player that was created then and have been improving since.

While in Splinterlands, you are to use 7 random cards or less, and you have to choose from around 500+ cards as of this date to choose from with different levels and different elements and different abilities.

In Splinterlands, I sometimes watch and read people complaining about bots. Its nice to know that the game you are invested in and are happy to be playing with, have people being concerned regarding the games environment.

In my opinion A.I. is already here to stay, and bot is a part of it.

Cheers to everyone.

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