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Good day. Dear community

Hello dear readers.. Two years ago, in the mountains near the village of Krasnaya Polyana. Me and a friend found an interesting stone that we liked .. We were not to draw lots who will get it -and friendly sawed it in half...Look at this.
Здравствуйте уважаемые читатели.. Два года назад в горах недалеко от села Красная Поляна. Мы с другом нашли интересный камень, который нам понравился .. Мы не должны были тянуть жребий, кто его получит -и дружелюбно распилили его пополам...Посмотреть на это.




All health and profit.

Come visit me @kstate1


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Hello @kstate1 nice to meet you! :-)
These are very beautiful boulders and rocks! The inside of the
cut stone is so awesome looking, half for each is so cool and
sitting on the pretty greens really highlights them!
The colors and patterns on the large boulder is outstanding!
Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful boulders!