Cars and Crypto tonight

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Hello, It's Sunday 19th of march mothers day 2023 cars and crypto tonight

For many of us every day the thrill of owning a nice expensive fast flashy car can be a dream come true but it's nothing it's just a big waste of money it does the same as all the other cars do it might look a bit different sound different and drive different but it does the same thing as all cars do and that drive and take you where you need to go plus owning an expensive car requires a lot of money to buy the car, then you need to pay insurance and fuel repairs maintenance all of these costs add up very quickly in a short time it's important to be financially free than owning stuff just to look good and show off but then again each to their own if you have the money waste, waste it how you want.

The crypto market has been on one hell of a bloody roller coaster over the past few months all the scams rug pulls all the bankruptcies so much bad shit. It's good to see just beneath $1.2 trillion in market capitalization the exact market capitalization at the time of composing this post is $1,192,848,177,522. The market has seen a good fucking correction. Bitcoin's current price is $28,381.23 BTC big green candles are on the way. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world and is currently at $1,827.73 ETH has a lot of potential price growth potential. BNB, the third-largest crypto in the world, is currently at $341.23 BNB has a lot of potential price growth potential. The crypto market is still looking fucking attractive, sitting at a market capitalization of over just over $1 trillion dollars, and it's a testament to the resilience and strength of the crypto market and investors, $1 trillion dollars is nothing $100 trillion dollars will be bloody nice. The crypto market is likely to continue to increase and improve in the coming weeks months & years. We are all so bloody early, so with some time there will only be more investors investing in crypto, so all the coins and tokens that make it past the rough periods and spells will fucking shine.

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