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Remember a time when you had a huge bag
Or at least at the time, with such a bag
you could pop but a mere single tag.

Up you were, a solid few percent
Or so it seemed as you repent
"the price could go down from here" they said
No one still is into bitcoin, surely its dead
And so sold you did

It was only shortly after
that you pitter and patter
swearing beneath your breath
might even resort to crystal meth
because either way, that trade was death.

The Post That Made It


Sweet Sweet SteedDollars Have arrive to bittrex

Sold Them Sweet Sweet SteemDollars... at a great price too!

Sold Them Bitcoins, made a Post about it


Look at the price now... urgh


Its not all bad news. With the Steemdollars earned from the second post, I have been doing some trading on bittrex and I have reached over 6 million usd value in btc. SUP SUP.


That is amazing man! Are you retired?

Not yet, I need to be helicopter rich first :)

Haha, you can buy a very good house where you are from .