Steemit BucketList Challenge - 10 Things To Do Before Turning To Dust!

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Steemit BucketList Challenge - 10 Things To Do Before Turning To Dust!

Okay then, since I was tagged by my friend @snook to do this challenge I will give it a go! :-)

So am I going to make it a list where it is totally within my power to make happen, or is it a fantasy list? Well seeing as how I have already done quite a lot in this life, like go to different countries, party like it was/is 1999 for a few decades and live the wild child life... guess I will go with a mixed list here! And anyone who knows me just a bit, knows that I love to travel, and have fun... so here be my list!

1-5 Travel Related.

1. Travel to Australia - I've always wanted to visit, and would love to take my daughter there. Maybe hit Sydney, Alice Springs and such!

2. Go Back To Germany/Europe - I lived there for almost 3 years when I was in the Army, and been wanting to go back for awhile now. I loved it there, and for the most part.. it was a wild ride!

3. See the Pyramids/Egypt I think that would be an awesome trip to make! And who would not want to see the Pyramids?

4. Visit Alaska I would make this trip for my Mom, who never got the chance too, because that is what she really wanted to do before exiting this life.

5. Visit Antarctica in the summer time of course! Just because I want too see it with my own eyes, and since it is on lockdown. Yes I am nosy just a bit!

6-10 Life in General.

6. Make Sure My Daughter Is Taken Care Of And she does not marry an Idiot, or get pregnant at an early age! And she can take care of herself... Karate & Weapons training is in her future!

7. Thrash With Testament I would love to get on stage with this band!! And if you have been paying attention to my record pool selections, you know! LOL

8. Get A bigger House I need more space! LOL And watching @snook build my Sim House, I am a bit jealous! LMAO

9. Get My Dream Car I would absolutely love to get my hands on a Koenigsegg One:1!!! Hell yes, I would sport that ride daily until the wheels fell off.. just sayin!

10. Open Up My Own Micro Brewery When I lived in Everett WA, I worked at RedHook Brewery for a few years, and I loved that job. And all the free beer I could carry was an added benefit. Although I am a Bourbon kinda guy, I could indulge in an IPA once in a while! And I would like to craft my own one day.

That's My List

And I am sticking to it! I would love to see this list come to life, and become a reality. But it is what it is, and we have to enjoy what we have in the current now. I have a bunch more, but we will stick to the 10 right here... for now! LOL

Ok I will throw in just one more here... I would love to meet all my Steemit Peeps in person, and we can have a big family bar-b-que @thealliance style where everyone can be who they are and just chill out and have a great time.

And I am going to tag in @anjkara @avesa @krazypoet @christheaudioguy and @coachjj

And with that I will say take it easy and I will catch ya on the flipside!

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What a great list!!!!!!!! and yes, I'm loving the way your house is turning out too!! but if you can not really have it dreaming of it is always the next best thing because someday , you never might need house plans LOLLL and now you are covered :D

Now you have them written in stone.....well, blocks? forks? you know......

LOL :-D You can design my house, if I ever hit the Lottery! So keep those plans handy. And I am flexible, plans sound good on paper, well in this case a post... so what may come... I am ready LOL.

I have always wanted to visit Alaska too. I think it would be cool. I'm sure your daughter will be fine. Especially if she has a black belt! I hate when my Sims have a better place to live than me!!! Your house turned out very nice.

Yes, that would be an awesome trip. And hopefully so, gotta beat them boys back just a bit! :-D Yeah right! That house is tops. Thanks @simgirl :-) Have a great day.

What a cool list! I’m with you on the traveling being half the list! 😊

Thanks @mrscwin :-) Yes travel is good for the soul, and fun! LOL Have a great day. :-D

Great list, @inthenow

Good to see your daughter will be able to take care of herself. Great plan.

Nice idea about the brewery.

Thanks for tagging me... I already did my bucket list here :P


Thanks @anjkara :-) Ohh okay.. I am off to read your list then. And yep... gotta get my girl squared away! LOL Have a great day. :-D

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Yes, the Pyramids! And yes to the Steemit Bar-B-Que! I’m in!

Ok, I gladly accept the challenge, as I’m in need of a bucket list :)

Awesome! Yes that would be a good time. Cool, I will be on the lookout for your BLC Post. Have a great day. :-)