Thanks for this video. I really enjoyed it and felt like it explained SV Beta in a fresh and fun way. You've got my vote and resteem. Keep this great content coming!

Awesome video @littlescribe! Thanks for putting in the time for trying out our new product!

One small note on curation criteria - what you mentioned in your video are just general categories of the guild - the actual curation criteria and the accounts and tags which trigger guild upvotes are visible inside Curators tab under the guild profile.

Thanks! I'll make an edit!

I have been using steemvoter since a long and these new updates will make it more popular among users.

I actually saw the orginal post and I tried reading it and I was like meh this is boring I’m going to bolt! Thanks for making a more fun explaination on steemvoter, it looks awesome and it’s really going Help spread that voter love around!

Ha ha. Well, I guess we all bring something a little different to the platform! Sometimes the tech-types need a non-techy to flower it up. He he. Thanks for the compliment. Glad you got the gist!

Nice content mate.
Awesome post.
Keep steeming

Thanks for the review, I have only been using the "old" version. Looking forward to see what the new version will perform for me!

Ok. I found this very interesting but a bit confusing ... allot of information ... but then I am new to steemit. I will invest a few hours to try figure this out.

That's great news for the same ideals.

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