Are we in a Bull Market? Ft: Toby Cunningham: Ep. 126 of Show Me The Crypto

in #bullmarket6 months ago

Toby Cunningham is a Nazaré Big Wave Surfer and Co-Host of Crypto Tips. If riding waves is the commonality on the Venn Diagram of surfing and crypto, Toby has been doing so expertly for many years. In the water, Toby began surfing big waves at the age of 16 and earned the XXL Biggest Paddle Award in 2003 for successfully taking on a 56ft swell. On the blockchain, Toby got orange-pilled in 2012 and has successfully ridden through waves of FUD and “We’re All Gonna Make It” rhetoric to survive the last three bull markets and two (or maybe even three) bear markets.

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