[ Bumper Update ] - Experiencing some technical difficulties.

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A Bumper Update

Hey everyone. You probably have noticed yesterday no wallet memo in return once buying an upvote. Let me quickly update you guys whats going on.

I am running windows 10 on as well my main PC as my server and the last windows update has some mayor issues.

Currently i am unable to save files to my pc and open / handle the sqlite database.

If you want more info about the current windows update problems visit this link

What is next ?

Currently i am re-installing the server pc and reverting it to windows 7. I hope that once i have win7 installed the service should stop acting up.

For those that send in a request yesterday and you've got no response back, i will manually update in the database once the server is back up and running again.

Need help or more info

We are merging our Discord server with the old Fivestar Entertainment server now called Smart Media Group.

This new server will be a combined social hub for multiple Discord servers. Instead of having 10s of different servers members have to switch through, we are making 1 server thats hosts 10s of servers and services.

If you have a Discord server and you would like to be part of a bigger goal you can contact us.

Join our Discord and ask for @gyzimo#5057 or @bitcoinparadise#5971


Was my last transfer not accounted for? I still haven't received anything in return.

@davidblackwell You are on the pre-order list now.
Our OS crashed due to a faulty windows update.
We have manually inserted your link now


Does this mean that your last OS crashed???

yeah @peterjacob not just the OS haha.
But this issue was a difficult one.
Windows had a faulty update but it seemed also
that NodeJs v10 doesn't support SQLite anymore.

Took me some time to figure that out i thought
it was part of the windows problems at first xD

but we have it fixed now ;)

Thanks to God, more grease to your elbow Boss...

Haha yeah you can say that xD

U could also upvote my comments along side yours

I like your service very much
I still waiting

@merajalirudro i am glad you like the service buddy ;)
And you have got your votes !

Hey. Hoping for a mutual subscription and upvote. I'm developing bots. Is the finished product: auto promoute in steem1t, bot inviter for telegram. Subscribe to mee

Great, a bot that makes spam, just what this platform needs. What a garbage idea.

I sent this:
2 days ago Transfer 0.500 SBD to bumper https://steemit.com/steemsilvergold/@ronaldoavelino/74-copper-rounds
It wasn't upvoted yesterday, but today you upvoted the following: yesterday Transfer 0.500 SBD to bumper https://steemit.com/steemsilvergold/@ronaldoavelino/75-usd1-canadian-commemoratives-part-8
I know you are having problems. This is just to warn you that you missed an upvote.

This Blog has received a vote from us already.
This Blog is currently on the pre-order list waiting for an upvote.
Check The Pre-Order Queue Here

Same problem here. He's probably still working on a solution.

@d0zer I have added you manually to the pre-order list buddy.
I was indeed still busy trying to fix the server.
But we are all up and running again ;)
It can take a few before we are able to vote but you are on the list now

Keep up the great work. You guys are awesome. I have never had a problem with your service.

Thats great to hear @derangedvisions :D
We had some hickup along the way but doing
my best to keep it to a bear minimal ;)