How did I spend my birthday? Bungee jump

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I decided to bungee jump on my birthday. Emotions are the coolest ! I've never skydived or bungee jumped before, the only thing I've done is fly in an air tube, but it's still more mundane and less emotional. Well, of course, I rode various attractions in an amusement park. In principle, I treat all these extreme things very lightly, I don't have a special mondrage and there is no super fear. I just came, bought a ticket, got up and jumped)
The bungee is located in Sochi, Russia, the jump height is 207 meters, it is the highest bungee in Europe and in second place in the world.
When jumping, the main thing is not to close your eyes, since you can miss the whole point of these coolest emotions and the money I paid for the ticket turns out could have been wasted, and the ticket for a minute costs about $ 270.)) Adrenaline and in these 7 seconds of free fall rolls over, at first I yelled, then laughed, I was charged for a month ahead and every day I thought and remembered this day and this jump. I recommend everyone to cheer up in such an extreme way sometimes.









wow, that's amazing, it took me to muster up the courage for me to jump as high as 207 meters. You have a great way to celebrate. Congrats.

you just need to turn off your head and take this step.)

I can't imagine a better way to celebrate it

thanks. I wish to experience it too)

What a fun and original way to celebrate one´s birthday :) Love the idea. There is a bungee jumping platform right next to the outdoor gym where I work out here in Krakow and it´s fun to watch the people jumping down and observe their reactions :)

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please jump yourself and write here about your feelings )

Greetings and Congratulations @evgen-xx that was an unforgettable celebration, those 7 seconds not even time will be able to erase them from your memory.

I would like it to be 7 + 7 seconds )

I can't try it, it's dangerous. My highest level is jumping on a nearby river. Greetings
my friend 😊 nice evening

the company that owns this bungee asserts that out of 4 million jumps there was not a single accident, no one died either from heart failure, or from fear, or from the fact that the rope broke.)) so I recommend it)))

woow, i'd love those photos. what a place. well done man, i dont have the heart, you know 😁

It was a cool day 👍

Bravo! And Happy Belated Birthday!

gracias ✌️🥳

Holaaa. Guaoooo, yo lo más que he podido hacer es tírarme de un puente en rapel, creeme que dudo que podría intentar algo más fuera de eso, ni que tuviera los medios económicos para hacerlo. Pero te felicito por tu valentía. Ah feliz cumpleaños. 🥰🐾🐱💞

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Wow! You must be in a great physical condition to be able to do that.

I haven't complained about my health yet! in the prime of life 😂

That's great! The last time I tried riding a Viking, I don't know what did I do in life to be punished like that? 😂


Wow thats amazing, and terrifying. I have a fear of heights myself. I bet that gives you an amazing adrenaline rush.




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Happy Birthday!
Not sure if I would ever do that but I do feel great looking at the pictures :)

hello. thank you for rating my photos)
I ask you to do it, you won't regret it, trust me)

Waoo..impresionante forma de celebrar el cumpleaños...saludos desde cuba.jjj

I just came, bought a ticket, got up and jumped

Oh wow, it's my bday very soon, in a few days, but I would never dare to bungy jump lol.

Happy belated bday for you!

thank you very much for the congratulations. I ask you to try and then show me your photos and what's even better, you will remember this moment all your life)

Ohhhhhh!!! That's cool! JUMP!!! 🤩🤩
🥦 !LUV 🥦

It is very cool! I recommend it)

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Greetings, congratulations on your day. It takes a lot of courage to celebrate like that, my respects.

thank you very much for the congratulations).

Wow, Your Lit 🔥