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I've been using this local telco for almost 2 years. It started as a really competitive and was the best dealer that offered most value mobile package in town. I was a happy customer until the other service providers start to pick up. Back then it was standard for package like 3GB per $30 monthly or so, the appearance of my current telco raised the competition to something around 8GB per $28 monthly so that's more than 100% increase in data quota with the same price.

Obviously they are doing too well that other competitors start to match their package, and the GB/dollar offer has been increasing like never before. My current telco obviously has to update their package to lure more new sign-up for the sake of sale. But only limited to new sign-up. I don't get how they found the logic is acceptable to ignore existing customer who already shows valid support. I've to file a complaint to the company and filled up some form just to get myself upgraded to the latest package.

I mean, shouldn't this be done automatically for all existing customers before you are offering better deals to new comers?



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sometimes i wonder if people running these companies are just stupid

Seriously I think the same.

Yup as old user of maxis i only get 2gb data per month but new user get 30gb per month

It took me so long to figure out that and have to cancel old plan and get a new plan to enjoy the benefit otherwise thwy will never care

Wow that's extreme. I hope new telco comes out and beat them bad, Maxis has been ignorant and dominant for so long.


”忘记“ 在这里就用得很传神了。