Production factors that allow a broad evolution in the industry

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Every company is constituted or formed with the combination of factors of production, land, labor, capital and recently including technology. This combination of factors has allowed the entrepreneur, producer and investor to obtain broad benefits, in all areas, although more in view, mainly, economically. When this reference of factors is taken to the business level, it must necessarily be defined how is their participation in the company, knowing that the land is measured is based on its level of production, focusing on the objective pursued, that is, for what and what use will be given to the land, since it would not be the same purpose to establish an urbanization (lot of houses), in an extension of land "X", when making use of a plot of land for agriculture. Since when using the earth as support and basis for civil constructions, it must be prepared for that purpose, removing or replacing the vegetable layer that is not useful for this purpose. Not being the same treatment for agriculture, where the vegetal layer, to describe it thus, is the raw material, for the establishment of any crop. However, it is important to note that in both cases, the land is the asset that will allow the development and success of the objective, bearing in mind that it is the good that the company possesses that never depreciates.

Following the same order of ideas, and continuing with the description of the factors of production, we can express that the work is given by the availability of human resources or labor, which in any case is the most valuable capital that can count a company. Companies must always be clear that their success will depend on the investment made in the training, training and conformation of a good and qualified work team, where professionalism, proactivity, honesty, identity and responsibility play a role fundamental in the structure of the staff.

Similarly, the capital is, if you want, the fuel that drives all the machinery in a company, because it is the factor translated into money, which allows investment and facilitates the good performance of the rest of the factors of production. Capital is the axiom, which in company with the entrepreneur, combines the internal and external factors of the company to make possible the proposed plans and achieve success.

With globalization and advances in technology, companies have had to choose to include in their processes, the technological systems and equipment available and accessible in the market, that allow the optimum performance of production factors. This fact has led, in a very positive way, that companies or organizations become more competitive and demanding in their own activities or processes. In such a way that today technology has become inseparable from the factors of production (land, labor, capital and technology).

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