HIVE to Blurt to ETH (wrapped Blurt) then add liquidity to UniSwap.

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This is an update for Blurt to ETH (wrapped Blurt) to uniSwap.
The service is an extension of BLURT to HIVE to ETH (wrapped blurt or wblurt) to UniSWAP, alpha release.

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Please NOTE: The service still under maintenance to resolve the error transferring to ETH.
“Error while sending ERC-20 token, refunded: Error: Returned error: nonce too low, details: {"depositAmoun

The infura service is having an issue at the moment. I will keep testing the code, once stable I will post another update.

For the time being, you can see the progress of the project to the following websites. - Checking status of services. for Blurt to ETH (wrapped Blurt)

Two ways to make a transfer from Blurt to ETH (wBlurt). Once we go live, this is how you transfer your blurt to ETH wrapped Blurt, then add liquidity to uniSwap.

First Option. If you have an existing Blurt at, you can simply send a blurt coin to @blurtswap account with the minimum 200 BLURT with your Ethereum Address as memo.

Website: From, transfer Blurt to @blurtswap
Sender: Your HIVE account
Receiver: blurtswap ( no @ sign)
Memo: Your ETH Address ( make sure you double check it, there is no REFUND)

To check the status of transfer, visit block explorer link

Second Option. Using Metamask connected to website.

You will see a form, BLURT to WBLURT
Enter your ETH Address (where you will receive your wrapped Blurt)
Enter the amount of BLURT. The minimum amount is 200 Blurt, minus ETH transaction fee.
Enter your Blurt account name, click OK to see the estimated amount of WBLURT.
Click OK to proceed, then Metamask click CONFIRM.

If all is good, WBLURT will be transferred to your ETH address.
If the transaction is failed, the fund will automatically refund.

Again, BLURT to ETH (wrapped blurt) status still Under Maintenance.
This is just to give you a quick update, more tests to make sure.

Additional information about BLURT to WBLURT, vice-versa.
When you send BLURT to ETH it will mint a wrapped BLURT.
When you send WBLURT to your blurt account (to Hive-Engine), it will burn wblurt.

Hopefully, the transfer service will be up very soon. Wait for my next update.

Thank you for reading. Special mention to @fbslo for assistance, highly appreciated providing open-source project.

@Yehey Witness Projects

  • Witness Servers to keep HIVE network up and running. Under maintenance.
  • @Automation Chat Bot for a fun conversation. Simply call my name to start. Under maintenance.
  • our very own website to help promote the use of HIVE. No downvotes.
  • swap your HIVE to BLURT, and vice-versa. Other Tokens will be added very soon.
  • and other projects still in progress. Keep in touch @Yehey.

Vote @Yehey as one of your Witness. Thank you.

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Thank you for reading. Stay safe and healthy, health is wealth.

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