All About NIMIQ Cryptocurrency - 2/2


Nimiq is a censorship-resistant browser-based blockchain with the core focus on simplicity and ease of use. It is a payment protocol that is native to the web. Nimiq was launched in 2017 and was designed to run in an Internet browser. Its core concepts are decentralization, censor-resistant payment protocol that runs on a web browser. Nimiq has an ecosystem of applications with a core focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Also, i will like to delve into the social reach of the Nimiq project. Like I mentioned earlier, Nimiq is beginning to get the deserved attention and people are beginning to recognize the potential of the Nimiq project and what they are aiming to solve in the crypto sphere.

The nimiq project is quite active on social media platforms as Twitter and youtube are two of their main social channels to communicate and interact with the nimiq community. They are also on medium and Reddit. The nimiq Twitter channel with over 25.5K Followers is active with constant updates and milestones. The nimiq youtube channel is really active as well with constant video updates on what is going on in the project and developments by the nimiq team.

The core purpose of the nimiq project is a censorship-resistant browser-based blockchain with the core focus of simplicity, ease of use, making blockchain technology more accessible. Cryptocurrency payment protocol that is decentralized, simple and easy to use and runs on a web browser.

The Nimiq Team - In my opinion, Nimiq has an amazing team that has shown that they have what it takes to accomplish their goals and targets. The project was founded by Elion Chin who was the co-founder and investor at Localeyes & Wappo and the owner of Skyloft before becoming the founder of nimiq. The nimiq team is made of quality names who have experience in their various fields.

Looking at the Nimiq project, While there are a lot of other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that are aiming to bring solution in the cryptocurrency payment protocol ecosystem, Nimiq is the only project and payment protocol that run entirely on a web browser or native to the web.

In other words, nimiq doesn’t have a competition when it comes to the project idea and what the goals they plan to accomplish. The main unique features of nimiq is that it is browser-based and allows for simplicity and ease of use as well as making blockchain technology more accessible.

Finally, In my own point of view, I like to look at projects that have new things to offer – projects that are building new concepts and are unique. Nimiq is one of the projects that fill in that role because what they are doing is unique and above all, they are also making it super simple and easy to use for an everyday user. I like to look at the fundamentals of the project as well, the max supply, marketcap and how active the project is in terms of development and social reach. Nonetheless, it is always important to do in-depth and proper research before investing in any crypto project.