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RE: Getting ready to travel if I am ready or not!

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Hi Sharon @fitinfun Sorry to hear of your health issues. You may well find this post I wrote a week or so ago helpful.

I sense that Urine therapy and enema in particular will be very helpful.

Happy to advise further if you wish



Wow! What a wealth of info you have there, I really appreciate the link and will go through it with a fine toothed comb. I already do a lot of what you have there with the exception that I am not a vegan. I'm in the bone broth and organ meat camp with a lot of greens. Sadly in SE Asia, I eat way too much rice and protein is a condiment here.

I do have borax and have not been taking it. I think that will help a lot, so thank you for that reminder.

Great post, and so glad you are here :)

Thank you. I love to share what has helped me to help others