Delegating STEEM Power from one account to another - Easy method Oct'2018

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It doesn't get more simple than this stupid!

Why would you do this? You want to help a friend or basically allocate the power from one account to another, where it can't be cashed out and you can take it back by repeating the process with a different SP level i.e. Zero. In my example, I'm taking out @britcoins and allocating it all to my business and bitshares orientated account Here's how I did it in very fast steps - although I messed around with some old posts and calculations before - It's really far more simple.

Read carefully and you'll be done in a flash.

  1. Know how much you want to delegate and careful with the @account.names @dots, @dashes-etc ... (obvious)

  2. Make sure you did already use once before SteemConnect.Com and have an active login.
    If you never used it before, don't worry this is the trusted API login for any STEEM based apps outside of Steemit.Com, you will see it other places. Go to BUSY.ORG and you'll get it there along with the idea.

Busy.Org first time login: [SteemConnect by Busy.Org]:

  1. Now the most handy tool. Go to and fill it up, the instructions are self explanatory, then click 'delegate' to get to the next screen (4)


  1. The last page will take you to SteemConnect, check the numbers and apply .... hit the button you're done


  1. Now it will ask you for login - Make sure it is your MASTER password, if you get errors, probably it is just your posting key saved in the browser. For Master key, I hope you have that ;)


  1. Go to and you can see the delegation you made. Here I have screenshot and snipped out the part I want, (I recommend a free tool called 'Jing', you can find it on Google). Now I will send it to privately so they know I've made the promised delegation ... kidding it's my own company account so everyone will see. Just as final tip, in case you like keeping records ....



Nice post and tutorial :) Resteemed and upvoted! Now critics! Þ

Hmmm... Smart as bot mentioned in the comments :) So, you delegated your power to and in return gain vote from it, how clever little bot-a-like you are! :) At least now you can build this account - and MINE as well with a bit more power and push!

And don't ignore that "MINE as well" or ... Im gonna touch you in very inappropriate place and way :)


Better one big account with all the power to do main stuff and which is having real purpose (business, community, bitshares and more main purpose to be here is Too confusing to run personal account otherwise ... better to start anon one for complete freedom ... not telling anyone who it is ... but you know all the secrets already ;)

All who delegate to and those that join the telegram group and pass vetting, will all get the auto-votes also :)

Yes, lets turn brand to a steemit bot... Over my dead body ;)


no just idle votes to community bloggers .... g'nite :)

Hi @britcoins, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @account.names and @dashes-etc don't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @accountname ?

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There's a clever little bot. Thanks. Nope in this case I made them up on purpose, you weren't to know that however.


Here are all the available commands:

  • !delay minutes - tells the bot to wait X minutes before checking your posts.
  • !help - gives a list of commands and their explanations.
  • !ignore username1 username2 - tells the bot to ignore some usernames mentioned in your posts (useful to avoid the bot mistaking other social network accounts for Steem accounts).
  • !mode [regular-advanced-off] - sets the mentions checking to regular (only posts), advanced (posts and comments) or off (no checking). Alternatively, you can write normal or on instead of regular. You can also write plus instead of advanced.
  • !off - shortcut for !mode off.
  • !on - shortcut for !mode on.
  • !state - gives the state of your account (regular, advanced or off).
  • !switch [regular-advanced-off] - same as !mode.
  • !unignore username1 username2 - tells the bot to unignore some usernames mentioned in your posts.
  • !wait minutes - same as !delay.
  • !where username1 username2 - asks the bot to show where in the post it found typos for the specified mentions. Alternatively, you can write this command with no parameters and it will show you where it found all the mentions with typos in them.
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Easier still @bitcoins, would be to handle all of your delegations with SteemWorld, built and maintained by a great Steemian, @steemchiller.

If you are not familiar with it, I'd be happy to send you more info.

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