Busy: Donation Terms. Introducing our Donation Levels

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Busy.org is a non-profit organization that subsists on sponsorship and donations.
(Check our announcement)
Everything has been achieved through the hard work, dedication and commitment of our two founders, who decided to work for free until the Beta release. But nothing would have been possible without our Donors.

Donations allowed us to recruit and build a strong team, having the ability to plan ahead with a medium-term vision in order to constantly adapt and rationalize our production, with consistent deadlines. That’s how we plan to release our public Beta, and Minimum Viable Product in February 2017.

The received funds are redirected into a development fund that helps Busy to achieve its roadmap, bootstrap new features/services and cover expenses.

It’s allowing us to apply our policy to pay any valuable contribution, and we have rewarded every member that did work for the Busy Project (except the founders, so more funds could directly be allocated to the develop the MVP).

Short list of Busy selected contributors who received a reward for their inputs:

Busy primary expenses:

  • Developers/Contributors (Core team + extras)
  • Designer
  • Heroku
  • AmazonWS
  • Hetzner
  • G Suite
  • Slack
  • GitHub

We support the blockchain incentive proposal to reward third-party apps

Busy supports this proposed upgrade for the blockchain which we believe would definitely help third-party apps like us to adopt a specified model to cover our expenses. It will also probably allow users to support our projects using a small % of their post rewards as a donation.

In the meantime, Busy development relies on direct donations and our team will forever be extremely grateful to our donors.

To enhance and highlight our supporters, we have defined the Busy Donations Terms, introducing: 5 Donation Levels.

LevelDonation range
1Bronze20-500 SBD
2Silver500-5K SBD
3Gold5K-25K SBD
4Platinum25K-50K SBD
5Diamond>50K SBD

Busy Donor Badge & more to come

Based on your Donor rank/level, you will receive several “rewards” including a Busy Donor Badge on your Busy profile.
Other ideas that we can implement to gratefully acknowledge our donors will be announced in the coming weeks. We are open to any inputs. All suggestions are welcome !

Donation to Busy Development from September to today December 13

We use Steem Dollars as a basis, for a more convenient and stable chart but do also accept Steem and other currencies.

LevelDonation RangeDonor(s) (SBD)
Bronze20-500 SBD@theprophet0 (20), @furion (85), @liondani (248)
Silver500-5K SBD@bhuz (800), @cass (1.5K)
Gold5K-25K SBD@smooth (13K), Steemit Inc (16K)
Platinum25K-50K SBD/
Diamond>50K SBD/

For more information about Donations/Sponsorship Terms, feel free to contact us.
The Busy Team.


All rewards from the @busy.org account will be used to fund our projects


what I had in mind ... :-)

will save up to support you somehow in near future! thanks to everyone who makes busy possible.

Cool, it is really great to see another high-quality portal to the Steem blockchain!

I just donated 20 SBD. Awesome move guys! @smooth @cass @bhuz @liondani @furion @prophet0

Awesome project! Keep it going!

oh man, will save up to get one of them badges! Really excited about the future of Busy.

Just donate $25 SBD. Currently fundraising as well ... :) but I did it anyway...
busy ... most expected application on steem since steemit ...

how about using advertising? I mean, take Google Adsense money, buy Steem to pay the expenses. That way you can be sustainable and independent.

You're right, there are several solutions including Advertising.
I believe in a solution from the blockchain enhancements with incentive for platforms like Busy, to reduce our reliance on Donations and become autonomous.. We try to avoid Advertisement as much as possible but If it's not possible to be sustainable with donation + blockchain incentive, we have other solutions including Ads.. But as a non-profit org on Steem blockchain, being independent will still be relative.. We will always depend on the same chain as Steemit and will also depend on further enhancements.
In my opinion, unless steem face some serious growth issues (and It would mean that the Busy project has no place in the Steem ecosystem), we should be fine relying on Steemit inc support and other members/stackholder who believe in Busy to bring growth and create a new vitality with this alternative platform. It's our medium-term goal with Busy. Ads are more in our emergency plan for now, or possible when we will have huge traffic ; not to develop a Minimum Viable Product and a Beta release ;)

We try to avoid Advertisement as much as possible but If it's not possible to be sustainable with donation + blockchain incentive, we have other solutions including Ads

(Note: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.)

Note well that simply because content is in the blockchain does not mean that the author has given you any rights to profit from it. Everything I post into the blockchain, for example, I retain copyright on and reserve all rights to. Without a specific license from the owner of the content, profiting from ads displayed on/beside the content may well expose you to significant liability. Publishing data into the blockchain doesn't give everyone who downloads that blockchain the right to profit from that data.

I totally agree with your statement and vision. This is one of the reason for which we really want to avoid ads.
That's also why I didnt mention Google Ad for example but simply Advertising as a more global concept to-be-defined. Adding Advertising would require more profound reflection on the exact model considering the point you described pretty well.

  • Advertisers could have a dedicated user interface to set up campaign and budget /pay in SBD or Steem or a Busy token. Ads are displayed, consuming the budget, only if the following conditions are met
  • Writers should for example have the ability to activate (maybe select) ad campaign on their content and win some rewards based on a smart contract or some parameters to be defined (like Views/Upvote/Click/etc.) (and de facto allow his content to be monetized with Ads)
  • Users should have the ability to show/hide ads and be rewarded with Steem or other loyalty Busy token if they do participate with their attention for advertisers

Simply sharing a few thoughts with you, However it's not on Busy roadmap and may never be

Great Initiative!!. It will help in promoting BUSY

You guys are doing really important work. Thank you!!!!

This is great, I have created a crowdfund campaign to donate to busy.org, lets see which badge we can get: https://steemit.com/busy/@steemfund/steemfund-wants-a-busy-donor-badge

I recall being told that busy.org was supported and being paid (in part) by Steemit Inc. This is not true? Well I thought you were being funded by Steemit, that sucks...

Yep, well it's all written in the post mate ;) Steemit Inc supports Busy with some donations.. (as you mentioned, "in part"), I was there when the question was asked to Ned in SteemSpeak. I can find fyrstikken record maybe but i think you might be wrong on what you recall ;) It doesnt suck that much. In fact we're very grateful for their donation
Well I expect a more 'long term' support but for now it's only covering our 3 month development until the MVP, after that we need to discuss it again. #prayforbusy
our main support are smooth and steemit Inc as you can see, but we have some plan for the future

Yeah I didn't read the post properly when I got to the table, sorry. The "it sucks" applied to them not funding the project when I missed their name hehe, not that they do ;) Glad I wasn't wrong on what I recalled.

Gold 5K-25K SBD @smooth (13K), Steemit Inc (16K)

Oh woops, me blind, thanks.


Keep on Steeming :)

Looking forward to trying this out!

Curious and interested, what's the reward for bronze?

Signed up the other day, posted on it on one of the updates/pages here.

Keep up the good work.

Noob question. What does busy.org do?

Thanks man for informing a novice like me :)

Just signed up for busy, I am also interested in donating to the cause.