Busy v2 is now in public beta!

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The team Busy is proud to announce the public release of Busy v2! We invited many of you to test out the private beta, thank you for all your contributions. SteemFest2 is the perfect timing for a public release so that everyone can easy get access, test and so we can get more feedbacks.

Busy v2 uses Steemconnect v2 for login, and posting API.

SteemConnect is a layer built on top of the Steem blockchain that allows you to connect to authorised apps in a secure and convenient way.

SteemConnect will be the infrastructure that lets any developer or entrepreneur to build on Steem without having to worry about security or the signup process, making it that much easier.
SteemConnect is a community project. That’s why it’s open source under MIT license, for anyone to use (and contribute to) as they see fit!

Read @steemitblog announcement

With SteemConnect2 you need to grant @busy.app permission to post on your behalf (delegate posting authority), so the app can post for you. This operation require at least your active key when you authorize the app, then you can login with your memo key or posting key. You can revoke @busy.app anytime using this link http://v2.steemconnect.com/revoke/@busy.app
The active key is only used to sign the transaction in your browser then discarded, nothing goes or stay to the server.

What's Busy?

Busy.org is an open-source social network and communications platform that includes a variety of rich features and functionalities.

  • An open platform for an apps ecosystem: Busy’s goal is to build an all-in-one platform and allow many apps and features to flourish on top of the Busy social media platform. We are offering an open-source and secure social network layer to bootstrap any Apps (like Facebook Apps does, or WeChat services), games, community tools, marketplaces for good or services, using Steem.js API, SteemConnect and the Busy.org 'framework.'

  • An open-source project and vision, and an alternative interface to Steemit.com: we believe in wisdom of the crowd, open decision-making, taking a collaborative and transparent approach, that's why all our work is open source. Everyone is free to contribute, by all appropriate means to accomplish our mission. Not only coders but also designers, writers, translators, testers, marketers, advisors, etc. We’re partnering with @utopian.io to incentivize and reward open source contributions on Busy.org. (Check on Utopian)

Busy v2 public release


A few month ago, we decided to stop all further development on the first version of Busy, running on busy.org, to focus on our new version.

Many people were invited to test the first version, which allowed us to receive their feedback and enabled us to redirect our strategy. We want to thank everyone who helped us make the next version, the best possible.

This new version was running in private beta with some testers for more than a month now, and it’s time for us to open it to the community and to more testers!

We are now PUBLIC.

There are still several works in progress, and not everything may work 100% correctly. All feedback is welcome on our GitHub, or Discord server.

New Bot Voting experiment ! Get upvoted by @busy.org bot

How to get a vote from @busy.org?
It's free and instantaneous, you just need to:

  • Post using busy.org (works on both version: v1 and the new beta)
  • Use the tag "busy". It doesn't have to be the primary one
  • The bot upvotes maximum 1 time every 12 hours per user. (2 upvotes/day/user)

Check our previous post for more information

Login with Steemconnect2

Busy use Steemconnect2 new secured flow for login

New Upvoting user experience


You can now upvote and select your voting power % with a rewards preview in $.
Make sure to enable it in Settings if you are not big enough (10M+ vests) to have it by default.

List of Likes with voting power % and added value in $


Improved Editor with Drafts

Full Markdown support with live preview, and drag-n-drop or copy-paste image upload

Comment, Reblog, Follow

All basic features are implemented (except downvote)

Replies, Bookmark

Read all your Replies. Bookmark your favorite contents

DTube, Youtube, SoundCloud and Twitch integrations in feed

Video are directly embedded/playable on your feed

New wallet

Get Steem and SBD current price along with your balance and statement

Transfer using SC2


Image upload with select, paste or drag & drop

Drag and drop image from your desktop or just copy past them into the editor

Sidebar widget: Interesting People

When you visit an user profile on the right sidebar there is list of the most resteemed authors by the user.

Sidebar widget: Recommended Posts

Now when you open a post, you will see the last post or reblog of the author.


There is now exactly 40 languages completely translated on Busy.org that's huge!

Thank you for all translators who helped: @tibonova, @katteasis, @valchiz, @buzzbeergeek, @damzxyno, @mrrifat1, @coffeenut, @splash-of-angs63, @umelard, @wallsnow, @julee, @sakhone, @santigs, @cryptotrader2017, @incrediblesnow, @freddyfish, @andreia.loops, @samhamou, @eastmael, @ntony, @tarekadam, @macchiata, @moorkedi, @inoue, @simnrodrguez, @cannabissativa

Not yet implemented

All these feature are not yet implemented:

  • Search (now redirect to Google search)
  • Page activity (now redirect to steemd.com)
  • Notifications
  • Report a post (downvote)
  • Delete post / comment
  • Edit profile (now redirect to steemit.com)
  • Block an user
  • NSFW filter
  • Hide downvoted posts

Bug report

Did you find an issue? Please report it on Utopian you will get paid for it :) or directly on GitHub

Thanks you!

To all our contributors
To translators, and all developers who contributed to Busy
To our biggest support Steemit inc. and all our donors

Team: @ekitcho, @fabien, @sekhmet, @gregory.latinier, @kpdesigns, @jm90mm
Code contributors: @mkt, @ryanbaer, @eastmael, @ne3l
Moderators: @espoem, @ntony

Donors: @steemit, @smooth, @jamesc, @cass, @bhuz, @twinne, @liondan, @donkeypong, @furion, @steemship, @theprophet0, @pfunk, @deanliu, @teamsteem, @hanshotfirst, @exyle, @fulltimegeek, @shortcut, @hql2016, @sweetsssj, @craig-grant, @beers, @shaka, @andu, @ourlifestory, @delegate.lafona, @joshbreslauer, @aizensou, @rubenalexander, @roelandp, @stellabelle, @pnc, @lukestokes, @pharesim, @buzzbeergeek, @timcliff, @tibonova, @gamer00, @elmetro, @surpassinggoogle, @marionjoe, @jgr33nwood, @theghost1980, @mrblu, @vortac

Join our Discord

We are 420+ on discord, join us https://discord.gg/G95rNZs

Support Busy

See this post in busy.org https://busy.org/busy/@busy.org/busy-v2-is-now-in-public-beta

Steem on!


How can I redeem rewards in my wallet on busy.org? could not find that...

I think that is one of the things that are still to be worked on. But going to the feed/home You have a link on your left side that says wallet and will bring you to your steemit wallet straight away where You can do that.

Lol, I see that you took all of these screenshots pretty recently considering @Aggroed's post haha.

It definitely looks a lot nicer that v1. I will have to check this out when I get home since busy.org is blocked for me at work. One thing that looks really nice is seeing what percentage people upvoted at and how much it is worth. I have wanted to feature for awhile!

I would like to know why you made the vesting 10M+ for the slider being automatic. Why such a large vesting default amount?

Will post a follow-up comment about my thoughts on it!

Good catch there it's fresh screenshots :). For the slider the 10M+ vesting limit is just to see the slider by default, but anytime you can enable it in settings page even if you have only 20 Steem Power.

busy.org looks smarter. i've been exploring it for hours. i like that it has bookmarks. i used to resteem a post just to somehow bookmark a post. good thing that busy.org has this feature. also, i tried creating a draft. i no longer need to re-check the markdown guidelines since the base functionalities are made easier, on buttons. there's so much feature to love.

i prefer that the user info should be place on the banner/header though just to highlight the user data. also, i've tried to edit comments from busy.org, error prompt requiring me to enter a title? isn't it supported yet? hmm..

overall, i like its intuitive user interface and functionality. looking forward for more improvements and features.

Two things:

  1. Why is there no tab for ‘Comments’ on the left navi panel?

  2. Why do you exclude downvoting?

Hey @ats-david

  1. Do you mean for a tab to see your Replies? Because we added a tab on the main left sidebar last night.
  2. We will allow downvoting, it's just that it's not yet implemented

No, not replies. Comments that you make on other users’ posts.

Good job guys ;) I have been using closed beta for a few weeks and I have to say that it works great ;)

Btw. have you considered to move navigation to 'Replies' to more visible place? It took me too much time to find it when I needed it for the first time.

Yes we been thinking about this and it's on the way see :D see https://github.com/busyorg/busy/pull/980

I'm waiting for merge then ;)

really like the new look

the new text editor is a lot better too

There is no turning back now 😉

Why Busy.org stop voting?

Great user interface, clean and neat.
Looks like Facebook, nice to see the price charts.

  1. Do you charge a fee on author or curator rewards like ChainBB does?
  2. Why do you disable finding one's own comments as is possible on steemit? This one is a strong reason to prefer steemit.com over busy.org
    This one is the most alarming change you should have done long ago.
  3. Why steemd.com is the only STEEM blockchain explorer worth its adjective, and why every other platform, including busy.org hides what steemd.com reveals?

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I would just like to ask if i could do Filipino translations on any post? If the author would permit me to translate it. :)

That looks sweet! Can't wait to try it out

amazing 40 languages completely translated. Steem will go up!! Steem On!! thx busy.org

I'm in love with Busy.org, much cleaner design ;)

The mobile version no longer has links to trending, hot, new, promoted. Can't find tags or search either.

Great!!! Nice Article!! I'll be following you!!!

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not seeing the new look. I tried logging out and back in and no dice. Is there a toggle somewhere?

Maybe clear your browser cache

Thank you! That took care of. (Which, frankly, is kind of embarrassing on my part.)

Am i the only one who is having loging in issue today ? @busy.org

I hope the tags have a better color.

forum creation, moderation, and reward sharing · I am excitedThere is no turning back now
Hi @busy.org, your post is great. Upvoted and following for more, please don't forget to check mine.

hi team of busy.org.
this my post link: - https://busy.org/picture/@pritam58/the-picture-print-of-an-animal-for-advertisment
i'm posting use the busy.org web site.
but i'm not getting upvote on my post, please tell me what's reason. if some wrong then i will try do the right.

Thank you For good information i loved

Great job guys, you did a lot of good work, I hope the best for you. Also, wish you few (no) bugs in the new version!

Looks really fresh and amazing, the editor and all the features.

Really recomended, plus this guys had a really hard work to make it looks that fresh and good.

Well done!

@busy.org, very informative and useful updates you share. that app is wonderful and much helpful. thank a lot.
steem on!

I really don't know about it before but your post give the required information about it and i surely gonna try it.
Please support me as well..😎😉

Its just amazing , I already logged in to busy.org👏👏👏👏😉


Beautiful Post well done

😀 So happy 😀

thanks to share this post

i am getting so crazy,

Finally I understood what busy.org is all about, it's the 1st time I m going to try it😊

I have a question.. if someone's followers have more than 500 stem power only then he will receive an upvote from @busy.org.. my question is, delegated steem power will be counted or should be on their main steem power??

He, only Steem Power of followers is counted no delegation, but we plan to change it in future and calculate the real Power including incoming and outgoing delegation

If u change, it will be so much useful for new comers.. last 5 days i am continuously using busy.org.. posting and commenting but getting nothing!

Thanks for information

This is awesome and a breakthrough. You guys are ingenious. Well done

I am using it and it works very well ... but what is outdated is the steembd, which is where the number of followers we have according to which is the vote value that gives us busy ... about 5 days ago do not get updated and I have new followers who not counting me in the vote

Good luck brother..

thanx to create it for us. i think we are helpful to use it. i think we use it vary iesy

Wow It's So Awesome I like Busy Because It is Easy To Use and For Me It is Better experience To Use Buy.org Thanks @busy.org

i logged in there exactly few min before i saw this post ! looks great and informative

I like this news busy.org

I just used busy.org for the first time and I think it's awesome. No more steemit.com.

Terimakasih a

Thanks for share, @busy.org, do not forget to visit also my blog is very simple.

A very nice step I am happy
I am resteeme it

we will support busy for ever

Great awesome work. Thank you.

Never use this, may have a try~

You are really doing a great work, i m using busy.org for the past few days and new version is awesome specially the post writing section, thanks for this wonderful work.

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Great to see the site up and open to everyone. Even though there are features still to implement and things to improve I like the road Busy.org have set. The goal is high but not unreachable. My hope is that Busy.org will become the defacto interface for the Steem blockchain

hi @busy.org how to be your vote list? is there a specific requirement?

are you willing to allow me, this post in translate into Indonesian version? @busy.org

I see a tremendous change in the look of the new version of busy.org, I really like it

Sure, welcome :)

Thank you very much @fabien

Busy 2 is really awesome.
Ty for mentioning. I will translate this post soon. :-)

Good job keep it up

It is awesome and I love your busy robot.... fantastic work. Upvoted and Resteemed

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i like your post dear,because i think that you just work nicely,so just keep it up this things.i hope you doing well in future.i just upvote you

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Knowing how fast the Steemit community is growing, I think it has a huge potential to go mainstream. It will definitely add great value in the long-term. Great work, keep it up!

Loving this new update, great work @busy.org!

Awesome update!
I've just end the italian translation. If you need some help just ask.

I've found an error:
on the main page under
Argomenti di tendenza there is this text: Moltra Altro

Moltra Altro should be Mostra Altro


Wow! This is a Great! idea! and all of the new features of this platform it makes it greater to!

Spanish version of this Busy.org publication / Versión en español de esta publicación


Gracias Simon!!! ^_^

I like your post, I have followed you, Please follow me about heart expression poem, @teukurahmatpolem

The new Busy is too... busy!
Not a fan of the new look.
There is no harmony.
The cyan tags color is out of place.
Like a left over remnant of a past look.
Things are much too large. In your face.
Plus navigation is all over the place.
Why is 'Posts' under profile renamed to discussion.
Then the 'replies' tab is not next to comments.
You have to navigate to the home screen to find it on the left.
The squared look around an avatar, while also placing the avatar aligned left in profile. This feels like old style UI.
The 'interesting people' is a good aspect but it is much too loud.
It overpowers the screen, while the left side where commonly used navigation elements are, feels forgotten. No retainer around it to give it unity with the rest of the look.
Why remove the top navigation of Trending / Hot / New ?
The usage of search there, when search takes viewer away from busy is silly. Putting it under 'News' and then having it again under a drop down menu is not intuitive. Those tabs should be where search is.
Those are THE engagement factors of steemit in general.
Why hide them and make them difficult to get to.
Also clicking the 'Discover More People' does nothing.

This is all highly critical, I know.
It is just my opinion also, I know.
Truth is though.. you should know... you know.

Thanks for the feedback, I agree with a lot of your points. Busy is always continuously improving thanks to feedback like this. We will try to do our best to take a lot of these points into consideration during development. :)

Thank you for this wonderful project and giving me the opportunity to contribute to an open-source project.

I'm gonna try to use this for my next post !! I love the drag and drop feature !

great information. amazing.

Great post, thanx for the info.

Upvote and resteem

Beta Test.... maybe a bug with photo crop in @busy.org update ... see my latest 2 posts with Grapefruit post

really like the book

saludos excelente

The design was very good, but using active key I don't feel safe.

This wonderful post upvote from @mamun-net

It is great! Something you should implement is:
More visibility for promoted posts, to incentivize promotion and people to spend Steem and not just earn it, do it please, it is very necessary for the economics

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Thanks For Your Good information.

This new Busy.org V2 ROCK!!!!

This version is beautiful and easy to use.

great effort. I was trying it from samsung galaxy s6. Mobile view is awesome.

But I am not seeing the followers favorite button now ..

Indonesian version of this Busy.org publication/Publikasi Busy.org versi Bahasa Indonesia

Great post keep up the good work also if you want you can follow me and comment on my post so that you can receive more up votes from me.

I am so happy to have found busy and I love it. It is a great way to be on the blockchain :D Thank You so much for all your hard work guys.

i checked my followers.. there is 2 guys who is having 1000 steem power and some others.. i am posting using busy.org and using topic busy.. still not getting any upvote.. can anyone tell me what can be the reason of not getting upvote??

anyone help me why i lose my steem power?

I enjoy use busy.org... very helpfull ... thanks @bus

The design is clean and tidy. Great going busy team.

Crystal clear resteemed :-)

Good work my friend

Update site was very VERY successful. Thank you, now it's very convenient to publish on BUSY!