Saturday Indigo Celebration, the Purple People Way

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Story continuation of the Superpurplelously Purple People

Saturday Indigo is a day to embrace the color blue. Blue sky, blue water, and sad blue tunes. The purple people love the color purple and enjoyed their purple life. In celebration of Saturday Indigo, the purple people gathered all the purpleness they could find. Tables were filled with purple yams, and purple berries, toppled with purple grapes.

"We need blue for today’s celebration”, a purple man with purple cheeks exclaimed. “We can’t celebrate Saturday Indigo with nothing of blue to show."

The purple people separated on different paths to find a touch of blue. They agreed to meet in one hour. One hour past, and the purple people brought forth their selection of blue items.

"I have the blue wyandotte rooster", a purple farmer with purple hair exclaimed. "Best part of all, the meat is purple." Purple hands clapped at the sight of the blue wyandotte rooster.

"We are missing one more thing of blue", the purple town mayor proclaimed.

A small boy with slim purple fingers stepped out from behind his mother. With his hands behind his back, he shyly whispers, "I have something of blue."

The small boy brings his hands to the forefront. Clasped in his small hands was a purple flower. In the inner petals of the purple flower were clusters of blueness. He smiles brightly at the crowd.

"I picked these to show our purple people’s appreciation for Saturday Indigo." Smiles and cheers erupted from the crowd. The small boy beamed with pride and if even possible, turned even purpler.


Image is original and given permission by a friend to use.


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