Level of Engagement & Great Flowers

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The level of engagement

It will take a few days for people to come back and comments as before. The daily average active account on the Steem blockchain this week was around 20k!

I have not diminished my own level of engagement and continue the same as before. A lot of great things are coming here and only the best will come.

It will become a beautiful garden where great flowers will bloom to the moon.

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Next Goals on Steemit

1. Reputation level 64 - Steemit-Jet Fighter

2. To become an orca


Nice moon flowers haha

I hope to have my new account soon, you inspired me with all your flowers posts. ;)

You had me at gardens and flowers. Come on now we all know that engagement is all tied to the price of bitcoin. When the price was up close to 20k this ocean was booming. I do not believe that steemit is free any longer for new accounts, slowing the tide and decreasing the diversity in these waters. Im happy to see your post when I happen to log on. Lol just keep swimming.

Unfortunately is suck that the whole crypto market is correlated to Bitcoin, but I hope to see that change in the future with stablecoins!

It looks like the latest patch gave us fully recharged RC yesterday?

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Yes, the parameters of RC can be adjusted without a hard fork form what I read.

I can't wait to engage more and get my daily minimum 7 posts going and I mistakenly 100% upvoted my post which now take my voting back to 13% lol now I have to wait longer

I voted at 100% many times this week, I felt it was unnecessary to diminish my level of engagement.

You are a true steemian